10 must to do in Belgrade

If you are visiting Belgrade for a first, second or a third time, you have to make sure to make the most of it. Idea for this article 10 must to do in Belgrade came from a need to make things way more clear. We got to many emails regarding Belgrade Nightlife, Serbian Food, Restaurants and of Corse popular Belgrade Summer Clubs.  It seams that there is not enough time to feel the vibe if visiting for a weekend or even for a whole month. Anyhow, we will try to make sure that you get all the info that will make your stay epic!

Travellers are different age, and have different expectations but these 10 must to do in Belgrade DO NOT MISS.


Splav 20/44

Belgrade Nightlife is divided into Underground and Mainstream. Underground Belgrade in its finest, Splav 20/44 was and always has been the reunion location for the most interesting crowd of Belgrade.

Place works till early morning hours overviewing Old City of Belgrade. Located on the river providing nice breeze during the long and warm summer nights. Melodically Techno beats is what this place will treat you with. Drinks are super cheap and in the most of the cases entry is free of charge. Make sure not to come too fancy dressed you might get forbidden entry.


Must to do in Belgrade

Splav 20/44



Try Sarma & Cevapcici

Wow! Serbian Food dish! Cabbage Rolls rocks! Make sure to order it in the Traditional Serbian Restaurant, like those in Skadarlia Bohemian Area. Ask to bring you Pavlaka along and some Ajvar.

Cevapcici are grilled meat and represent the most famous Balkan dish out there. Order them as well in a some local restaurant and make sure to ask for Mladi Sir & Kajmak ( Cheese ).



Open Sky Cinema

How about having a quite night at Open Sky Cinema in an old and abounded place. This cinema dating from an Communist era, and it is located at Terazije street in the heart of the Belgrade. Zvezda which means Star is one of the first movie theatres around and carry a lot of history and memories. Make sure to connect them on their Face Book page and visit some of  the events over there.


Bioskop Zvezda Beograd

Open Sky Cinema / Zvezda



Creative Neighbourhoods and ART Districts


Those places offer super tasty Local Beers, independent local galleries, art exhibitions, local designers and cheap prices on drinks. The most famous Creative Area is Cetinjska 15, located at the abounded beer factory. Urban legend says that investor couldn’t build what he planed and thats how that place become home for creations.


Beton Hala


Concrete Hall is the part of mainstream Belgrade. You will be surrounded with classy and wealthy Belgrade. Expensive cars, high end fashion and good restaurants with a nice view is what you can expect to experience over there. Some of the most famous places are Ambar, Toro and Frida.

Prices are fair and reservations are only needed in a peak season. Beton Hala is home for party people who gather there before head to some of the popular Belgrade clubs. You will find out why Beton Hall on weekends is among top 10 must to do in Belgrade!


Beton Hall

Beton Hall


Kafiterija Kralja Petra

For those of us addicted to a good coffee, and for those working online, this place is just simply amazing. Its renovated building back from the past, and still it kept its spirit of the good old days. Located in the Knez Mihailova street, just next to the Kalemegdan Park. It makes super easy to visit it while cruising trough Belgrade.



Local drink that will set you on fire. Make sure to order some water on the side. Do not drink to much Rakija especially before heading to Belgrade clubs. Sljivovica is our favorite flavor of Rakija.



Crna Ovca Ice Cream Shop

There are several ice cream shops holding the same name in Belgrade. Crna Ovca is the Super hip place! Our favorite one is one located in the romantic down the hill street in the Dorcol area. Crna Ovca become popular super fast.


Crna Ovca

Crna Ovca



10 must to do in Belgrade? Do not leave Belgrade before visiting Trpkovic Bakery and trying famous Serbian Burek. Burek with Cheese with local Yogurt is WOW. Be ready to wait for some time while u get in line for Burek. Good to know is that price is 1-2 euros per meal. Don’t get addicted to Burek, will make your belly HUGE.


Hot Mess

Hot Mess is an bar, pool and club. It’s a summer edition of a super cool place just opposite of the Beton Hall area. They trough out amazing parties and offer good service. Make sure to reserve your place before you go over there, especially in the peak season.



Hot Mess