11 amazing bars in Vracar

Vracar represents one of the most famous municipalities of Belgrade. It is a cultural, historical and art center of capital of Serbia. With an area of only 291 hectares, it is the smallest of all Belgrade’s (and Serbian) municipalities, but also the most densely populated, and popular as well. Also, it is an epicenter of good fun! Before heading to some of the most popular clubs of Belgrade’s nightlife scene, it is a place to be – a perfect warm up!  In today’s article, we will discover the most popular, 11 amazing bars in Vracar!


The best bars in Vracar


1# Terminal

Gastro Bar Terminal is located at Vracar plateau in immediate nearness of Sveti Sava Temple, with an extraordinary position and gorgeous reflection of illuminated Tample during the night. Terminal Gastro Bar has been imagined like modern gastro bar and represents more than just usual gastronomical experience. Terminal Gastro Bar offers not only top food and drink but also the whole atmosphere that looks like the greatest world’s venues.

11 amazing bars in Vracar Terminal


2# Ceger

Ceger is located near the National Library in Vracar and spreads on two levels with a large garden. The furniture is unique, handmade, and the first thing you will notice when you enter the bar are sexy chandeliers! Most often people drink wine over there, and there are different kinds of sandwiches and cakes in Ceger offer. Food is served exclusively as tapas, while a cup of coffee or tea comes with handmade biscuits. Unlike most bars, which offers a classic fresh juices, in Ceger guests themselves determine the ingredients for a healthy mixers.

3# Villa Maska

The Villa Maska was built long time ago, in 1926, and today after renovation represents a place that certainly will not leave you indifferent! The atmosphere exudes exoticism of the Far East and antique pieces of vintage furniture, all this coupled to the details of the owners impeccable taste. This beautiful and unique venue presents also a shop of authentic Indonesian furniture, which is located in Vlajkoviceva street. Whatever you see there, you will understand that each lamp, mirror, chair, the figure stands for a reason! The most beautiful thing is that if you like something, it can become yours, since most of the stuff over there is on sale.

11 amazing bars in Vracar Terminal Villa Maska

Villa Maska

4# Kultura Bar

Kultura Bar is a Cocktail bar with unique cocktails and modern mixology. Kultura is also known as a Kitchen of a good mood! Good mood is a motto of this place.  “If something bad happens, you drink to forget; if anything nice happens, you drink to celebrate; and if nothing happens, you drink to make something happen”. Really funny crew of people, if you are around, we suggest you to visit this place.

5# Dokolica

Vibe of Dokolica is based on a good selection of music and books, rustic interior design and a tasty menu. Dokolica” has become the favorite location for local crowd. Our recommendation would be their breakfast – Croque Madame, a delicious combination of French toast, fried egg and hot sandwiches. Also, there is a traditional layered cake, which is served with sour cream.

11 amazing bars in Vracar Terminal Villa Maska dokolica


6# Monk’s

Monks is located in a very busy street, but on the other hand it is perfectly hidden from the public eye. Quiet garden full of greenery, happy people and good old jazz music is what define Monks Venue. Monks is located in a cozy old house at Vracar area. This place spreads on two levels, and it’s a bit hipster like place, but of course, everyone is welcome! Prices are affordable and they are below average for Belgrade Venues.

7# Le Petit Bistro

La Petit Bistro grew out of a desire to create a place where you can always have high quality coffee, from the need to raise the standards of everyday rituals, with the idea of ​​introducing innovations. Place with affordable prices, with a positive atmosphere for everyone and for every occasion. Here you can warm up before Belgrade crazy night out, enjoy a relaxed conversation with friends or intimate night out with your loved one. In the foam of a coffee, you will find a heart, a smile or some other cool sign.

11 amazing bars in Vracar le petit bistro

Le Petit Bistro

8# Loza

Many people say that they tried the best hookah precisely at this bar – Loza. Located at Slavija in Kralja Milutina 35 street, this place is a so-called business & pleasure hot spot. Bar owner idea was to create perfect “warm-up” place before a night out. Massive iron door, really cool bar and walls out of a bricks, makes this place pretty unique for this area od the city. If you are located in Slavia area, this place is perfect to relax after a hard day in an office!

9# Thelma

Thelma is located in one of the most beautiful streets in Belgrade. Tucked garden, great food and atmosphere are some of the things that make Thelma unique. When you enter this bar, you will have the impression that you are in the best friend’s living room: carpet, flowers, books and pleasant people around you. The walls are full of art. We suggest you to try a dish of a day, and of course, the house specialty – Cukan pork – smoked meat on oak tree. On Mondays in Thelma you can listen live band that plays Jazz.

11 amazing bars in Vracar Telma


10# Kucica

Kucica has two different concepts, winter and summer one. In the summer, they play European and Non-European movies under the open sky, as well as domestic movies from non-mainstream authors. In 2013, they launched a fashion event called “Chic Garden Ba(r)zaar” which take place several times in a year. At this event authors present their pieces of art, clothing, jewelry and accessories.  What you need to remember about Kucica is the “Mojito Thursdays”! In their garden during the summer days, except having good time, you can play ping – pong with your buddy’s. Winter concept is based on the clubbing atmosphere. Alternate Thursdays Karaoke and Pub Quiz, while Tuesday is reserved for not so famous DJs  – PLAY LIKE A REAL DJ program, under which anyone with good taste in music can have a go in the role of a DJ.

11# Pejton Pub

During the day, Pejton  pub is a place where locals often stop for a quick drink or coffee or just to refresh with some of a fresh juices. For nearby office people, coffee to go arrives in a jiffy. In the evening, Pejton is transformed into a place for a night out. From karaoke nights through social games for amateurs to acoustic rock gigs on weekends, they try to introduce variety to their guest. If you are planning to come with a larger group to celebrate something, or to make an event, this place got ya covered.

11 amazing bars in Vracar Pejton pub

Pejton Pub