15 Top bars in Dorćol

If you are searching for the funkiest bars in the city, this is definitely the district where you should search.

Dorćol is profusion of the unique bars and heart of the Belgrade art. We did our best to present you Top 15 bars in Dorćol district.


  1. Blaznavac caffee gallery – One of the most interesting bars in the city. You will be able to see hanging sculpture of elephant and amazing graffiti. Just laid back and enjoy in their garden, listening to Goldie’s. Blaznavac Caffee Gallery got its name by Milivoje Blaznavac famous Serbian soldier and politician who used to live in the house which is now reconstructed in a gallery – bar. We recommend you to try something from their cocktail list and take a walk around this colourful place.
15 Top bars in Dorćol
  1. Bar – 0.5 – What makes this bar special is that the smallest amount of alcohol that you can order over there is a glass of 0.5 L. If that is not enough for you, they even have 3 L.  If you are getting ready to visit some of the Belgrade clubs that night, this is a great place to get warm up.
  2. Jimmy Woo is located in so-called Valley of silicon. It presents a great place to go to party. They are famous by deep house music.
  3. Zappa Bar – This bar was named by famous musician Frank Zappa, who’s character is carved in the wall of the bar. If you are lover of beer, wine with soda, funk or rock music, you might want to swing by this place.
15 Top bars in Dorćol
  1. Central bar – Cocktail lover? Here you go. Central bar without doubt is top cocktail bar. You can either choose from their list or you can choose yourself which ingredients you want in your cocktail, our suggestion would be: cucumber, ginger, honey or cinnamon. Their bartender won an award for the best bartender in the world in 2016, so don’t miss checking out this seriously good place!
  2. Maison Boho Bar – Is newly opened, high-end / Upscale bar. At this bar you will find rich and famous local patrons. Expensive cars are always parked outside this nicely designed venue.                                                              Top 15 bars in Dorćol
  3. Podrum Wine Art – Here is the place for wine lovers. Wine Art is classy wine bar, which offers wine from around world. You can chose if you want whole glass, half glass or wine just to taste, or if you prefer, you can buy a bottle in the same place.
  4. Pastis Bistro – is amazing venue for those who enjoy to spend their time with the glass of quality wine. You will feel great French atmosphere once you step inside this remarkable place.
  5. Cantina del Vino – If you are lover of French wine or if you are ready to try Serbian wine, Cantina del Vino is supplied with wide range of Vines. Cantina Del Vino presents ideal place to relax.                                                                                             Top 15 bars in Dorćol
  6. Passengers bar – is local place which is located in the old house in Simina street. This is the right place to have a beer, chat with friends, and have some great snacks and feel like home.
  7. The Black Turtle Pub – long bar counters, special and rich beer offer, and interior made out of wood, warm interior, and rock and blues in the background. Perfect place for beer lovers!                                                                                             Top 15 bars in Dorćol
  8. Miners Pab – has 35+ world beer labels. Next to that, here you can enjoy spending time with your friends by playing darts on professional tables or table football while listening favourite rock or funk songs.
  9. Strogi centar – Imagine that you live in apartment located in the city center. This place is full of murals and artists who spend their time over there. This place is famous by jazz music and sometimes dancing at the night. This is one of the most interesting pubs in Belgrade.
  10. Đura café bar – Đura bar reminds on some bar in eastern Berlin. It is made out of wood and brick with a lot of industrial details. You can find Japanese beer right there, and you can enjoy funk or soul music.                                                    Top 15 bars in Dorćol
  11. D bar – During the day this is the perfect place for business meeting or just to chill and chat with your friends. It’s getting pretty crowded at the night time, and you can feel that vibe that will make you want to continue the party once the bar is closed.

That’s the time when you should go and visit some of the best Belgrade clubs and dance all night long. Don’t forget to get you name on the guest list. We can do that for you, quick and free of charge!