15 Top bars in Dorcol

Dorcol Neighbourhood is at the same time Posh and Hipster. You can walk around the area in around less then an hour. You will find places with beautiful your people hanging on a side walks having a coffee. At the same time at the next street you will see a place with the most expensive cares and dress up ladies. Dorcol is a home for Expats and Tourists. Middle and Rich people. Hot mess of Everything.

Living in Dorcol always has been a fun. So much things going on at the same time. Foreigners first question always has been Where to stay in Belgrade? Dorcol is the place that we Highly Recommend. Dorcol is home to funkiest people and bars. Area is flooded with things to do. Romantic Bohemian Skadarska Street. Home of numerous restaurants and bars. To make it easier for foreigners we made the realistic guide trough the unique 15 top bars in Dorcol area.


Amazing Blaznavac


Blaznavac cafe gallery  is one of the most interesting bars in the city. You will be able to see hanging sculpture of elephant and walls painted with graffiti. Just laid back and enjoy in their garden, listening to Goldie’s. Blaznavac Caffee Gallery got its name by Milivoje Blaznavac famous Serbian soldier and politician who used to live in the house which is now reconstructed in this gallery – bar. Prices are fair. Crown and Style are funky. We recommend you to try something from their cocktail list.


15 Top bars in Dorćol



Dorcol Bar

Fabulous vibes with friendly people. Good choice of Iced teas and coffees. Perfect place to chill in the most beautiful part of Belgrade. Music is always good. Creative and unique interior. Friendly staff. All of this mixed together makes this place to be among the 15 top bars in Dorcol.

Krafter Beograd


One of the best places to order and enjoy a tasty dead Cold Craft beer! Service is amazing with helpful staff. Top summer hang out place.



Very cool place. On the 15 top bars in Dorcol list without doubt. Located in the former industrial complex now turned into cafés and nightclubs. Cozy and easy going. Staff is friendly but very professional. This place is recommended.


Passanger Bar


Personally this place is among our favourite ones in Belgrade. Just check out Google Reviews and find out why. Expats in Belgrade are often seen over there. Excellent service with a good food offer. Prices are fair. You will miss a-lot if you dont swing over there.


Pastis Bistor


Pastis is a mid size crowded corner cafe. Super famous place among Local Faces. Expensive cars are often seen in front. Pastis is a Second Home for well dressed Stylish people. Place is located at the corner of two busy streets with tables on the sidewalks. Very typical Belgrade experience with a local crowds. Very much Recommended.



Alternative looking place. Cozy choice for a date or easy hang with homies. We found that people are always friendly so we would recommend this place as a place to meet new friends. Very good prices of drinks. Relaxing music. We would say that Ljubimac is among 15 Top Bars in Dorcol.


Maison Boho Bar


Maison Boho Bar is high-end  Upscale bar. At this bar you will find rich and famous local patrons. Expensive cars are always parked outside this nicely designed venue.



Djura BAR


Djura bar reminds on some bar in eastern Berlin. It is made out of wood and brick with a lot of industrial details. You can find Japanese beer right there, and you can enjoy funk or soul music. Fantastic place for morning time Digital Nomads or just grabbing a drink. Tasty coffee and waiters always friendly. On Weekends they make pre party events. Highly Recommended.



Top 15 bars in Dorćol

Famous Djura BAR



Lift Bar


Amazing place with a great music. When we visited Lift they offer huge selection of beers. Over summer you will enjoy in the nice outside terrace. Interesting people with lots of positive energy. Pet friendly. We definitely recommend them for a visit.



During the day it’s a great cafe. By night it transforms into a hip bar. Comfortable vintage velvet chairs. Their staff speaks good English and are always super friendly. They offer various vegan cake recipes and fresh juice options. Check more about them on their fb page.


Podrum Wine Art

Huge variety of wines. Epic selection of TOP local wines. The service is good. Make sure to check roof top terrace. Among our favourite places to grab a bite and a glass of wine.


Why Belgrade


Very stylish Modern place that blended well into Dorcol. Not too posh and not a home for Hipsters either. Super nice outside space. Good tasty cocktails and friendly people. Cappuccino is highly recommended.