4 Days in Belgrade

Thinking about traveling abroad for extended weekend? Looking for new adventures, new places to see? Well, Belgrade might be just a perfect place for you. Belgrade is a capital of Serbia, city with rich culture and old tradition, but still slow and fast on its own way. One of the oldest European cities that lies on confluence of two big European rivers – Danube and Sava. Known after many things – rich nightlife, cuisine, its incredible hospitality, beautiful people and its Nightlife. Four days in Belgrade will be enough for the beginning to meet and feel the spirit of this remarkable city. So, take your passport and bring good vibe along. Awesome adventure is ahead, either as a solo traveler or with your friends or family.

4 days in Belgrade nightlife

Day 1: One of the first things you should try in Belgrade is definitely our food. We are known for special dishes as s\Sarma – dish made with minced meat and cabbage, or Prebranac – made with beans and usually with meat added, Ajvar – traditional dish that comes from the South of Serbia, made with red paprika, can be spicy sometimes or Pljeskavica – Serbian version of burger. There are many other food specialties that you can try in one of our many restaurants. They are located all over the city. Most known are in the city center, the main street – Knez Mihailova, Skadarska street – known as Skadarlija, the bohemian quarter, or Beton hala – pedestrian area with a view to the river.

4 days in Belgrade skadarlija

Day 2: Once that you are here, make sure to visit Ada Ciganlija lake. It is located only 15 minutes away from the city center. Ada can offer many activities for different interests. At Ada lake you can rent a bike or rollerblades and try out 8km path around the lake. You can also try water skiing. Ada season starts at May and lasts until the end of September, and they offer lessons for very reasonable price – another useful information – you’ll find out that prices in Belgrade for pretty much everything are much lower than in other European cities. Another activity that Ada can offer – bungee jumping. Feel the adrenaline rush while enjoy the view to the whole lake! For those of you who are looking for less extreme sports – you can get some time at tennis court or play volleyball at the beach, or just go swimming. Since Ada is a very popular tourist attraction, it also has many bars and restaurants where you can enjoy the Sun in one of many gardens.

Aqua ski, Ada Ciganlija

Day 3:  Belgrade is a city with old tradition and rich culture as it was already written. Make sure to meet our history and culture and find out about Belgrade more in one of our many museums and art galleries. The list is long, but make sure to see at least some of those many cultural places. Here you can find the list that we made for you of five most popular museums in Belgrade that must be seen.

Day 4: Last day of your stay in Belgrade should be reserved for fun, fun, fun! Did you know that our city is famous after parties that are held EVERY night, from Monday until Sunday, and the variety is HUGE. Here you can enjoy one of our mainstream clubs, which are posh and luxury with special dress code and reservation required, or you can check out our underground nightlife and lose yourself in dancing all night! Parties here start before midnight and last until early morning hours. During the summer usually, there are many after parties which you can enjoy even after afternoon.