A small need to know guide about Belgrade

A small need to know guide about Belgrade.

When planning your next trip to Belgrade, here’s a few tips that may come in pretty handy.


If you’d like to arrive in style, we can organise a airport transfer for you from the airport direct to your hotel. If you are on a budget, there are buses that go from the airport to the city center bus stop Zeleni Venac that you can catch, tickets can be purchased from the driver but you must have dinars on hand. Also there are taxis available from the airport but be careful you select a reputable company.

The nightclubs in Belgrade don’t open untill midnight so you’ll have plenty of time to unpack and get settled as well as enjoy the Belgrade bar scene before hitting the clubs.

We recommend calling taxi companies by phone when going somewhere as there are plenty of “illegal” taxis around. Pink and Lux taxi are always a good choice and they generally send a car to you within 2-3 minutes.

If you’ve had a big night out on the town and are looking for a bite to eat at 5 am in the morning on your way home. Toma Pekara in the city center is always open.

Church of Saint Sava

Church of Saint Sava




Street names in Belgrade are mostly written in Serbian Cyrillic so if you’re unsure don’t be shy ask locals. People are friendly and always willing to help tourists out.

The local currency is dinars and money exchanges are all over town and easy to locate. Changing money to the local currency is quick and easy to do. Most restaurants, bars and clubs except cards and if they don’t they’ll always tell you.

Belgrade is pretty big on reservations so don’t leave home without one when going to a club or restaurant.

For fresh fruit and vegetables go to the markets there are 2 green markets in the city area, Zelini Venac or Bajloni Pijac at Cara Dusana street. They’re also a great place to sample and purchase a great selections of locally made cheese and cured meats.

The best way to get the most out of this beautiful city is to walk, you will be sure to discover so many things and will really appreciate what it has to offer, so pack some good walking shoes.



Kalamegdan Fortress

Kalamegdan Fortress