About Knez Mihailova

Get to know about Knez Mihailova. Belgrade oldest landmark. One of Belgrade’s top attractions. People over here like to say that Belgrade is city that has a soul. At very much any place in the town you will be taken to the old times. Knez Mihailova street is one of those places. Longest pedestrian Street with incredible architecture. There are plenty of venues choices. Mainstream and alternative. Arty and classy. Designed well for the all generations. Knez Mihailova is the place for shopping. Place where you will find some of the world famous brands. At the same time home of local designers. Knez Mihailova Street has been included in 1979 on the list of Spatial Cultural-Historical Units of Great Importance. As such it is protected by the Republic of Serbia. The street follows the central grid layout of the Roman city of Singidunum (Roman name for Belgrade). The street is also home to Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (SANU). Instituto Cervantes, Goethe-Institut and Institut français de Serbie.


Who is the man on the horse?


Knez Mihailova adventure starts at this point. At the Republic Square. Funnily enough but many locals actually don’t know who sits on the top of that cool horse. Well. It is the Knez Mihailo Obrenovic who was the Prince of Serbia from 1839 to 1843 and again from 1860 to 1868. His first reign ended when he was deposed in 1842 and his second when he was assassinated in 1868. He is considered to be the most enlightened ruler of modern Serbia. He advocated the idea of a Balkan federation against the Ottoman Empire.



About Knez Mihailova

About Knez Mihailova



Good to know: If you’re meeting up with a local, chances are pretty high they’ll ask you to meet up at “the horse”. The Horse or on local Kod Konja has been become the go-to meeting point. It’s hard to miss this large grand statue of a man on a horse.



What can you do in Knez Mihailova?


Relax & Shop

Relaxation and Shopping are the Main reasons why people visit this area. One of the biggest and most popular shopping malls is situated over there which makes Knez Mihailova one of the leading shopping streets in Belgrade.


Meeting Locals 

You will notice Serbian woman. They are declared as the most beautiful in the world. Girls dont worry! Guys are looking good as well! It is easy to Connect with locals while cruising in this area. People in Belgrade speak English pretty good. Just smile and you might get into a chat.


Good Coffee

You u will notice people heaving a coffee along the street. Siting there sometimes for hours. The cafe lifestyle has certainly become a way of life in Serbia and many people spend their days drinking coffee in different cafes. One thing you may need to know though is that there are cafes that only serve coffee and light snacks and also cafes that are more like restaurants where you can have a meal. You can find them both in this area.



If you’re into buying presents then you will find plenty options over there. The local currency is Dinars. Make sure you have them on hand. Don’t worry there are many money exchange places on the way. For more info about what you need to know when you are visiting Belgrade for the first time, click here.


About Knez Mihailova

Knez Mihailova Shopping Mall



Its always ALIVE!


The best thing about Knez Mihailova is that this area is always alive. In the evenings during the summer you will find street performers all along. Musicians and artists who are selling their work. There are some of the FINEST warm up places before heading to some of the popular Belgrade clubs. Knez Mihailova is on the highest demand when it comes where to stay in Belgrade. In this area everything is in walking distance.

At the end of the street you will find Kalamegdan Fortress. This amazing place is adding additional value to this area. End of the Knez Mihailova is the beginning of the Klemegdan Fortress area. Don’t be surprised Kalemegdan looks like fairy tale. People jog over there. Chill in the park bench and read a book. Lay under a tree just looking for the shade. Whatever you choose, Kalemegdan is the perfect place for relaxing. It is visited by thousands of tourists every year, and is open all day and night all year round.