Airport Transfer Belgrade

Once u step at the Nikola Tesla Airport in Belgrade you will want most then anything to sit at the right vehicle. As in any other country in the world Belgrade Serbia have a lil issue with illegal drivers. Its way easier to book your ride in advance then hustle at the airport. Belgrade do not have a fast train to the city centre. There is no Metro in Belgrade. There are Taxi at the airport. There is a rent a car at the airport as well. But having your own Airport Transfer Belgrade it’s a smart thing to consider.


Transfer can be Lux or Standard


Your transfer would wait for you in front of the gates. You can choose Lux vehicle or a Standard ride. Lux will be Mercedes S class or Audi A6 or A8. In some occasions you can pre order music and even drinks in the transfer to wait for you. With Standard transfer you might spend the same as for taxi. With a Lux you will spend a bi more. Comfortable ride to the city center is guarantee with high end professional drivers


The Smart Choice!


Airport Transfer Belgrade. This way might be the smartest transportation choice you have in Belgrade. It takes around 30 minutes to the city centre. How much does it cost? Calculate to spend 20 euros per ride. It can be 15 euros in some occasions. For some Lux rides it will cost you around 50 euros. If you prefer to save money and travel with public transportation, then you will Hassle but money will be saved. It will cost only few euros to the Slavia Square.


Airport Transfer Belgrade

Airport Transfer Belgrade


Cool to know!


Would be smart to exchange some money at the airport. You might stop to a guess station to buy something to eat or drink. Cards are everywhere accepted though. Cao you can say for hello. Hvala would be nice way to say Thanks. Enjoy in Belgrade and make sure to check out Belgrade Lounge bars and Nightclubs.