The best Apartment Interior Renovation Contractors

There are quite a lot of good people out there. The thing is that some of them do not use social medias. They don’t even use whats app. They are so old school that they work only on mouth to mouth recommendation marketing. Those people are quite busy and and very hard to get dates with them. Another issue will be that they do not speak English. Or not that good. So even if u end up having them you will need full time someone to translate for you. There are quite a lot of companies that are promoting themselves online. They are repressing themselves as high professionals. Watch out. Some of them might do a good job and some might be quite opposite experience. They might late or ask for more money. Some might not end up with doing a good finishing. Not everyone with a fancy page are actually have good workers. The best apartment interior renovation contractors will be found by a recommendation. Local friend is the first place to find out. If your local friend is not really sure then next stop will be Belgrade Foreigner Club. This is an Facebook group dedicated to the Expats living in Belgrade. You can simply ask there what others recommend. Ask for prices and opinion. If you need Belgrade at Night recommendation, then check out Highlighted at this page.


Apartment Interior Renovation Contractors

Apartment Interior Renovation Contractors




How much does it cost to renovate an apartment in Belgrade?



The best Apartment Interior Renovation Contractors will give you the final price. This price will exclude furniture. Most likely will exclude kitchen as well. Price depends from materials, does the building has an elevator, which floor, does it have parking. Is it a new or an old building? If you want to do everything by the book, then you will have to change it all. Electricity and plumbing are the foundation of the renovation. Keep your eye open on a material quality. Make sure to buy the best quality out there. It’s is a such a small difference between material costs. Its better to spend bit more. Prices may vary from a location where is a apartment located. Downtown might be 50% more expensive then other places. So How much does it cost? Calculate between 400 – 900 euros per sqm included materials. This price is with a Constructor. With this you covered it all. Another option would be if you do partially renovation. Let’s say you are renovating only your bathroom. Then prices may drop. Big difference will be will you use super expensive or cheep tails. If you are a foreigner our suggestion is to get a constructor. Make sure to do a contract and put the correct dates and prices.

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Contractors in Belgrade

Contractors in Belgrade



How long does it take to renovate an Apartment in Belgrade?



This is something that you have to make it clear from the early beginning. Most likely contractors in Belgrade will ask for 6 months. This is something that happens often. Even if it is a small project or a bigger one. Why? We are not quite sure. There are fastest options. You have to request. Tip: Never be to relaxed. Go and check the construction point yourself. Make sure that phase 1 is on time. Make sure that it is like you planed it to be. Its highly recommended to get at least opinion of an Architect in Belgrade. Click here for a useful info about Architect Studios and Firms in Belgrade.



Additional Tips



The best Apartment Interior Renovation Contractors? What are the additional tips? Check with a president of house council about permit for doing a renovation. If he is a not English speaking just skip that meeting. Or send an architect to chat with him. Sometimes in the downtown of Belgrade there are some presidents who are always grumpy. If that is the case, don’t even think to communicate with them. Go to regional police station and ask for a renovation permeation. If the walls are staying the same, not big reconstruction, permit will be issues the same day. Tax for this paper is a not a big deal. Make sure that each day building is clean after worker’s finish with their job. You can manage that by hiring a cleaning company. Make sure that they follow the house rules. There is a time during the day when its allowed to make noise. After 5 pm at the most of the cases noisy work will have to stop. Make sure to check underwater when buying a apartment. This can be done buy checking a basement and a ground floor. Check parking availability. Parking is a huge issue in the downtown of Belgrade.

Let’s hope that article The Best Apartment Interior Renovation Contractors help you a bit. Gave you some directions where to start and on what to pay attention to. After you finish with reading go and get yourself a glass of popular Serbian Wines. Or just grab a beer at some of the popular bars. Brainstorm and contact us if you need any tips.




  • Interview more then one Contractor
  • Negotiate about the price
  • Make sure that you know what you want
  • Ask for reference and take your time and go and check their work in person yourself
  • Ask who are subcontractors
  • Make a final date deal bulletproof
  • Get Legal help and draw a simple but clear contract
  • Be Smart about payment schedule