Apartments for sale in Belgrade

Apartments for sale in Belgrade? Read this article before getting yourself a place in Belgrade. As you know Belgrade is an EPIC city. City is Alive with every day happenings. Museums, Art Exhibitions, Concerts, Nightlife, Bars and Restaurants. You named it, Belgrade got it all. Just recently Belgrade got on the top of the Digital Nomads list. City that is located in the heart of Europe just hour or two from any other European Capital. Cheap everyday flights connect Belgrade Expats with other spots in Europe. Fast Wi-Fi in the most of the places around city centre. Co working cafes and Co working spaces. Super Cool Expat community. Beautiful Belgrade girl all over the city. Food in amazing Belgrade restaurants is from 5-10 euros. Prices of living are around 50% less then in other places in Europe. Despite Hollywood movies about East Europe Belgrade is the safe city to live in. So apartments for sale in Belgrade?


First thing first – Choose the area of living


Choose the area where to stay! Dorcol, Old Town, Knez Mihailova, Vracar and Belgrade Waterfront area. At the Old Town apartments are build in the Classic Style with high sealing’s double wooden doors with crystal chandeliers. If you are looking for a posh new style build similar to Dubai Marina then check out Belgrade Waterfront. This project is done by the Government in Belgrade and its build in a super modern design. Located next to the river makes this places quite unique. View from apartments is amazing. There are other areas as well. Vracar is famous for being new “ Montenegrian” City in the City. Most of the Montenegrians who live in Belgrade have decided to live in the Vracar area. This area is nice and definitely needs to be checked out.


Old City of Belgrade


Old Town of Belgrade is personally our favourite area. Its romantic, cozy and vibrant. Old Town is located downtown around the Parliament. In this area you will find old after second world war architecture. If you are lucky enough you might get a chance to purchase an apartment with a Church or Parliament view. There are alot of cool Cafes, Bars and Restaurants. Down side would be parking. Still there are public parkings on a walking distance. As a resident in this area you will get a card that will provide you an option to leave your car at the public garage.

Apartments for sale in Belgrade

View on the Belgrade Old Town.

Dorcol Belgrade


Still somehow considered as Old Town. Upper Dorcol is part of the cite centre. Lower Dorcol is located at the Danube river. Upper Dorcol is the ultimate coolest place to live in Belgrade. Old Style residential buildings and alternative style bars. Just take a walk from top to bottom of Kralja Petra Street. Move around and check the area yourself. Check Strahinjica Bana street and area next to the Kalemegdan park. If you buy an apartment in this area there is a huge chance that you will have to renovate it. No brainer at all. There are skilled contractors on the market that will renovate your place as you desire.


Knez Mihailova Street


Knez Mihailova is a long beautiful pedestrian street. Stretch all the way from the city centre to the Kalemegdan Park. In this area you will be very limited with an offer. Some costumers wait up to 6 months for someone to sell their place. There are around 700 apartments in this street and few thousand more around. Prices can go up to 7.000 euros per sqm. Its on a heights demand.




Vracar recently become posh area of Belgrade. Sport Cars and Fancy style is present all around. You will get to choose between really heigh End constructions in this area. There are plenty expensive restaurants around. Our Suggestion would be somewhere around St Sava Temple. When you look for apartments for sale in Belgrade make sure to get parking space included in the deal.


Belgrade Waterfront


The newest project done by Serbian Government. It seems at the end that they done a good job. Its absolutely the most luxury area. Its located at the river side with a stunning view. All apartments on sale are modern style. Most of the buildings have their own private pools and gyms. There is a huge parking for residents and guests. Good restaurants and bars are all around. Savamala is walking distance as well as famous Beton Hala.





Foreign Legal Entity and a Foreign Person can buy an apartment in Serbia.

It all comes on where are you coming from. Which passport are you holding. If your country is letting Serbians to own an apartment over there then you all good to go with buying an apartment over here. Its called the condition of reciprocity. We encourage you to get in touch with your embassy in Serbia and get the info. Next step would be to get info from a good property law firm. Only then go ahead and look for your dream place.



Legally there are different types of land in Serbia. Mostly you will find Construction land / commercial and agricultural land. Foreigners are not able to buy Agricultural Land in Serbia. But there are some legal ways how to get into Agricultural business. You will have to get in touch with thy right lawyers. Seek a detailed explanation and check all the details. If Serbia has concluded a bilateral contract with your home country and there is a deal of reciprocity you might be able to go ahead.


How much is an apartment in Belgrade?


Apartments for sale in Belgrade? How much is an apartment in Belgrade? To buy an awesome apartment in Belgrade Old Town will cost you 3000 euros per Sqm. Add on that price 500 euros for a renovation and furniture. To buy an average apartment in this area would cost you around 2000 euros per Sqm. If you are looking for the Vracar AREA its around 1500-2500 euros per sqm. Belgrade Waterfront will be cost you at least 3000 euros. If you are looking to rent an amazing apartment in the Old Twon around 100 sqm, it will cost you around 1000 euros per month. Average one will cost you 700 euros per month. Bill per month would be on the top of that around 100-150 euros.



Belgrade Apartments for Sale

Belgrade Apartments for Sale. Belgrade Waterfront View.


About Belgrade


Belgrade is on he top of the List for Digital Nomads on a world wide scale. Eastern Europe is considered nowadays as promise land for remote workers. Belgrade offer good life style for a fear price. You can have awesome time all year round. Serbian Government is trying to make friendly visa deals for people from all around the world. Which makes Belgrade quite a unique place nowadays. There are direct flights to Beijing and New York. Easy access to other European Capitals. High Season starts from early May till September. Around New Years Eve Belgrade gets quite busy. There are all kind of food out there. City is safe and ready to host guests. Beside all good things that Belgrade has to offer down side would be issues with illegal Taxis. Read a taxi guide. We explained it all well to keep you safe and satisfied in our city.


 Where to find apartments for sale in Belgrade?


Check our recommendations on this page! We are locals that know and follow the market. We have helped more than a few Expats to settle in Belgrade. Next best guess would be Google. There are several highly professional agencies that can assist you with purchasing your new home. They will inform you with prices and photos. Tell them what area are you looking for. Price range and style of the build. Your Agent will whats app u with the offers. Prices are negotiable so be ready to bargaining. You can often go down as 5% on the price that owner is asking.

Notice: Check with your agent about Government tax when purchasing an apartment.


Important to know about apartments for sale in Belgrade


If you are looking for an apartments for sale in Belgrade, make sure to get to know Serbian Real Estate laws before doing any move. Make sure that your passport is eligible to gain property in Serbia. Use Public Notary to draft your agreement. Use a good Real Estate Agent. If you need advice or more info whats app us any time.

Before moving in to your new home you would have to make sure about few important things. Is there place for parking a car? Who are your neighbours. Are the walls tick enough that will guarantee you full privacy? Whats the price that you can get for renting your apartment out. What are monthly expenses. What kind of heating does apartment have? Does elevator work or you will be walking up and down. Are the pets allowed. Near Public transportation service. Cellphone signal.