Apple Service & Laptop Repair! Computer Repair in Belgrade!

Apple Service Laptop Repair! Computer Repair in Belgrade.

So you are Looking for an EPIC Apple Service Laptop Repair? Each Service in Belgrade is specialised for something else. If you want to update your software its done in a matter of moments. No worry’s If you looking to repair screen on your Mac Book Pro. Fixing Apple Desktop can be done easily and for a fair price. Original Parts with trained personal. Belgrade has it all.


Does Serbia have official Apple store?


Apple as the huge giant on the market doesnt negotiate about terms and conditions for an Apple products sales. So till 2019 Serbia wasn’t on the list. Finally Government change some rules and Serbia joined the Global Market in 2020.

Good to know for Expats! There is a problem with PayPal and other online services. For many Serbians who are into Online this issues makes life pretty hard. No worries! There is a solution for this. Locals and some foreigners that live in Belgrade use other online payment systems. Everything works well.

In this moment Belgrade is considered as one of the best cities in the world for Digital Nomads. There are around 30,000 EXPAT from all over the world living in Belgrade.


Apple Service Laptop Repair

Visit professional Apple Service Laptop Repair.



Work online from Belgrade


Its is an amazing experience to stay and live in Belgrade for a while. Good food, safe city and fast wifi. There is a huge Expat community from all over the world. Into online work? Its no brainer Belgrade is the right place! Easy to communicate with locals. Peeps speak English. Easy to team up and get into a crew. Click here to check awesome co working places.


Where can i take my ASES, ACER and Lenovo for repair?


Check out a Service is the Lomina 5 Street. Its kind of hard to approach with a car and to find a parking though. Better just take a walk from a city down town. It takes only 10 minutes walk from Terazije street or 15 from Knez Mihailova. If you don’t want to wander around then call an official transportation. More about that click on this link Taxi in Belgrade. At this place you can also fix your phone. Change a battery. Change a Lap Top Screen. Update any software if needed. Listen, this guys are professional. Sometimes they are busy so make sure to call them before u head over there. Luckily for you they speak English well. They are off on Sundays and Easy Working hours on Saturdays.


Where can I take my Apple laptop for repair?

I STYLE is located at the convenient location. They are among the best Apple Service Laptop Repair in our city. You will find them at the Delta Mall and other Apple Store at the Shopping Mall Usce. This guys are highly professional. Costumer service is splendid. Over there you can buy what ever Apple world wide offers in that moment. Macbook Air, Pro, IPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, Beats headphones and speakers as well as a wide range of accessories. So you good. Anything you need Belgrade got ya covered.


How much does it cost to buy an Apple MacBook in Belgrade Serbia?


Well it will cost you more then in the USA, HK or Singapore. Why? That does not make any sense! Yap, we feel you. We feel the same over here. But thats sad reality. You will have to add at least 100 euros on the top of the official price for a new Apple product. So if new Iphone cost lets say 600 usd in the States you will have to pat lets say 700 usd or more in the Belgrade Serbia. Same thing for Apple Watch and MacBooks. 



Apple Service in Belgrade

Buy a new Mac in Belgrade.




Is it worth fixing a MacBook in Belgrade?

Very often its cheeper to buy a new Mac then repair the old one. Parts for Mac can be really expensive and fixing might match the price of a second hand or even a new one. This is obviously a case only with major issues. If there is a battery change, microphone, or a cooler then go for a fix but only in a legit Service in Belgrade.

Is it safe to Repair your MacBook Laptop in Belgrade?


Is it safe to Repair your MacBook Laptop in Belgrade? Answer is: YES 100% SAFE. Ofcorse if you take it to the right shop. So far we have never heard that someone got DATA compromised. People working in Services in Belgrade are skilled professionals. Check at this page for Service Recommendations.