April in Belgrade

April in Belgrade is one of the most romantic months during a year. If you have chosen to spend your holidays in the capital of Serbia, rest assured that you´ve hit the jackpot with one of the most interesting tourist destinations in Europe. Here, we’ll tell you about few things we recommend for your trip and how to spend April in Belgrade.

First of all, city is all lighten up. Everything is in summer spirit, and a walk trough main pedestrian zone, Knez Mihailova, is a festive moment. Everybody are cheerful, people are rushing to do shopping, but overall, people are happy, events season is ON. In Belgrade, in the unique way, you can celebrate everything, our service Belgrade at Night is there to help you out to celebrate your birthday, bachelor party or to help you to organize your wedding.

April in Belgrade

During the April, Belgrade’s main square, Republic Square (on Serbian: Trg Republike), is crowded of people, ready to connect, chat and have a good time. Belgrade as one of the most famous city’s in Europe when it comes to the Nightlife, is the city that provides tasty and unforgettable food. Prices in Belgrade Restaurants are more then good! In the most popular restaurants in Belgrade, for around 10 euros you will be able to choose what will you get. Belgrade is a great city to travel solo, or to spend your time with beloved ones, and to meet locals as well.

April in Belgrade


April is between clubbing seasons, still, only clubs that are open are Winter ones. Summer river clubs, will be open in the May, some of the clubs it might open at the last week of the April though. Gardens of the restaurants are still not operational, but, still if there is a nice and sunny day outside, you will find some place to grab a coffee.

Don’t forget 1 of April, on this day, people are making jokes, and send whats app msgs to each other, with false information. You could get text that there is big concert in the downtown, and then when you get there you will find out that you forgot that it is the that day in the year, the famous 1st of  April.

Some people are super bored or really creative, and they could go to the next level of being funny, so don’t be surprised and be ready to double check info that you get on the 1st.

If you are Digital Nomad, and you do work remotely, check out the coffee shop in Kralja Petra street. They provide fast Wi-Fi, long community tables, places to recharge, and good coffee. Food prices at this place are just few euros per meal.


April in Belgrade

Kafeterija Kralja Petra

Good to know: Smoking is still allowed on some of the floors.


Let’s don’t forget Ada, Belgrade’s Lake, located just 10 minutes from the downtown. In April, you will be able to get bicycle and ride along the cost. It might still be not that warm, so dress up well.

If you need time to relax and clear up your thoughts, Ada is perfect place to do so.

April in Belgrade

Ada Ciganlija

In April the Best place to stay in Belgrade would be the Knez Mihailova street or Dorcol Area. From there, almost everything is on walking distance. Dorcol is kind of downtown of Belgrade. Best Restaurants, Coffee shops, pedestrian zone, parks, and cool crowd is located in this area. You can rent apartment over the air-bnb for as much as  20 Euros per night, Hotels are also offering reasonable prices.

April is busy month, so, get in touch with us in advance to book your place in some of the Popular Belgrade clubs. Don’t forget that having a reservation for Belgrade clubs is what puts your name on the guest list.