Aqua Parks in Belgrade Serbia

Aqua Parks Belgrade Serbia


Belgrade summers can be really hot. Where are the best places to cool down and relax? Belgrade has few massive public pools and few cute small ones. One of the most famous pool venues is Hot Mess. Hot Mess is a bar and a restaurant located just next to the popular Club Freestyler.  This place has an amazing view over the river, facing Kalemegdan Fortress and Beton Hall area. Hot Mess offer lovely escape from hot summer days. If you visiting Belgrade dont miss this place out! If you have a puppy you are allowed to bring him along. Get him some awesome accessories at Cool Pet Shops in city centre.

Aqua Parks Belgrade Serbia do not take reservations! For the Hot Mess Club and Bar reservations are not required during the day! But it might happen that the place is fully booked, so it might be better that you whats app the in advance. This place is amazing choice during hot summer days.


Hot Mess Belgrade

Hot Mess Belgrade


Swimming Pools VS Aqua Parks in Serbia


Main difference between Swimming pools in Belgrade and Aqua parks is that Aqua Parks beside pools offer rides and attractions. Another major difference is price. Aqua Parks are bit more expensive when it comes to the entry fees. Aqua Parks are located around Serbia, not in Belgrade, so calculate that you will need some time and money to get there. Taxi could be pretty much expensive. Try to go with some of your Serbian friends or to rent a car.

Notice: Aqua Parks Belgrade Serbia are not as equipped as one in West Europe

aqua parks belgrade serbia

Aqua parks belgrade serbia

How to get there

The best way would be to get in the car with your Serbian Friends. Another option could be public Bus, but think twice do you really want to spend a day in the bus traveling around. You could order a Car over an App or get a Taxi. You can contact us and book a nice smooth ride, Mercedes Mini Van, that will take you to the entrance door and wait for you and take you back when u done with getting wet.


When to go

Aqua Parks in Belgrade Serbia open their door for public at the beginning of June, sometimes bit earlier. They work till September sometimes trough September as well ( depends from the weather ).

The Best time to go is on the early season, during the working days. When school year is over, kids take over the place.

Good to know: If you are Vegetarian you might be better off to bring sandwich with you.

Some Aqua parks do not allows guests to bring food. Make sure to contact Aqua Park for details before u head off over there.


The Most Popular Aqua Parks

Izvor Aqua park, super cute place. A lot of rides and good place to spend warm days while in Serbia.

Located in the small town of Arandjelovac. It offers panoramic view over the near by mountains. Sun beds and Attractions are included in the price of entry tickets ( 2020 ).

Check the price deals before you head over there. Their staff is professional, you can reach them over email, fb or phone.

Aqua Park Petroland, located in the Backi Petrovac. This place is closer to Novi Sad then to Belgrade. Entry fee is not expensive, slides are fun, and water is clean. If you are meat lover, you will get decent food over there. If you are vegetarian, you will stay hungry for sure.

Try to go there while school year is not over yet as well as working days in early hours.

Good to know: Contact them for price deals.

When you are done with Aqua Parks, contact us to get your name on the guest list for the best parties in Belgrade. Don’t forget that Belgrade Clubs do not charge entry fees but reservation ( guest list ) is mandatory.


Did you know?


The biggest Aqua Park in the world is made from a former airship Hangar. Its located in Berlin Germany. There is a tropical island resort inside of a Hangar. It keeps visitors warm all year long. Size is around 16,000 acres and can accommodate more then 6000 people at the same time. Over there you will find anything you want. Insane water slides, Surf, Tubes and wild waters.

The scariest Water Slide is located in Brasil. Kilemandjaro is an adrenaline booster even for the bravest ones. It takes more then 200 steps to get to the top. Once you look down from the above you will not feel comfortable at all. Many people decide to walk back down instead taking a slide.