Architectural design studios

Architectural design is a discipline that aim on wrapping the needs and demands to create living spaces using defined tools and creativity. Find out things you might need about Architectural design studios in Belgrade. Thinking of doing an investment in Belgrade Serbia? Having an apartment in Belgrade is on high demand. Prices go up every year. There are major areas that are High End and favourite among the Expats and Upper middle class of Belgrade. Check out Belgrade Waterfront, Dorcol area, Parliament area and Vracar.

Street Knez Mihailova is the prime location. Tricky part will be the parking. So make sure to get a garage in the deal. There are several parking areas in the city centre, but still you would prefer to have your own space.



Architect Firms in Belgrade


You can get Architectural design studios in Belgrade to make you dream comes true. If you going to get an apartment at the new Building you all set to go. Most of those places already have a plan for you. If you going to get an apartment at the romantic neighbourhood at the Old Belgrade, you will need good team to handle your needs. In Serbia Constructors are named Preduzimac. Constructors are main characters in your future home reconstructions. Most of those people have a team of workers. Issue with most of them is they ask for 6 – 12 months to do your apartment. They do really slowly and charge a lot. Having a good guy that cares its hard but still possible. Reason why they do slowly is because they use the same team to to multiply places at the same time. We were the witness of some Constructors doing the work in 2 months that others asked for a year to finish. They done an amazing job! Everything was perfect at the end.


Before you decide to jump into business

Arhitect and a Contractor are two different professions. Architects work mostly in an office. Drawing, using logic and creativity to make living space functional and special. Once in a while Arhitect will go to visit a construction site. But do not expect them to be there every day. Its either going to be you that will have to go and check or a Contractors right hand. Before hiring some of the experts from Architectural design studios in Belgrade you have to make sure: The local laws for the foreigners and Prices on the market. If you are getting a land in Serbia check out the regulations with a law firms before you put some money down. Every country has its own regulations when it comes to the land rights. Laws are different for different nationalities.


The best Architects in Belgrade Serbia


There are quite a lot of companies out there. But who is creative and a hard worker? Who are the people that you can trust with your money. Who are the best Architects in Belgrade Serbia? Residential and Commercial construction and design experts. Check out Highlighted ones on the top of this page.



Belgrade Architect prices


Architectural design studios Prices?

Hiring a person to do your 3d plan is affordable in Serbia. You can get a render 3d plan for your apartment starting from 200 euros. If you want fine finishing it will cost you around 500 euros or more. Good Architectural Studio will charge you from 1000-3000 euros for the Apartment plan in Belgrade. In the other city’s you will pay way less. This price is for an apartment of around 100 sqm. For a Constructor (Serbian Preduzimac) you will have to plan that they charge 100% of the the material and workers cost. That means if material and workers cost 20,000 euros they will ask you for the total work 40,000 euros. They will never tell to you workers and material price though.



Interior Design in Belgrade



Good tips. Agree about the time frame, material costs, and brands of material they will use. Try to think about every detail you can before you sign a contract and put the down payment. Find someone that speak English and that have good reference. There are some epic people out there but they are bad with English. Once you pick up your team put in the contract that they need to take care of the building while they renovate. You will want them to be polite to the neighbours, that the community where you will stay at. Make sure that they follow the rules. Building, stairs and elevator have to be clean after every day of the work. Old romantic building in the city centar are home of the elders, of the old Serbian Families. They are not very welcoming to a new loud people around.




Architectural design studios

Architectural design studios


Museums in Belgrade are quite interesting. One of the master pieces is the Museum of Contemporary Art Belgrade. It has been renovated recently by the Architect Master Himself, Mr. Dejan Todorovic. While you are in Belgrade make sure to pay the visit to this place and check out the Galleries in Belgrade.