Are Serbians kind

Are Serbians KIND?

Are Serbians Kind? It is very easy to approach people and make a new friendships. If you are traveling to Belgrade, and looking to meet new friends, this is the article for you. Here you will read about how and where to make friends in Belgrade.

Are Serbians kind?  People in Belgrade is actually pretty easy. Belgradians are very open when it comes to friendships and new people. Sometimes it’s enough just to make an eye contact and wait for a little smile – that’s a sign it’s okay to approach someone. Be yourself, be relaxed and introduce yourself. Conversation will go easily after that. A good start might be learning few basic sentences in Serbian, like “Kako si?”, which means “How are you?”, or few Serbian words that people will find charming that you know. It’s a good start anyways!

One of the most common sentences you will hear in Belgrade is “Nadjimo se kod Konja” or “Meet me by the Horse”. “Horse” is located on Republic Square and it’s the place where most of the people in Belgrade meet each other. This is a very easy approaching point since there is always someone waiting for that one friend who is always late. It will give you a chance to get into a conversation easily.




Someone asked us earlier this month, Are the Serbian People Kind?

Most of people are, and some aren’t, like in any other place in Europe.


New Friends in Belgrade 

Sports activities are perfect for bonding and meeting people. Ada Ciganlija lake might be just the place for you! It is located only 15 minutes away from the city centre. There you can enjoy some of many restaurants and bars located on the beach, or you can mingle and meet people on sports activities. There are several sports fields for volleyball, tennis and football. Is there a better way to make friends? Ada can also offer several water activities, that might also be good for bonding, like water skiing or SUP boarding. Have a fun day out, catch some Sun and make some new friends!


Pub Quizzes – they provide a funny atmosphere and an easy approach. They are held almost every day on different topics in several pubs in Belgrade. Groups are formed once you are there, so you will definitely have great chances to meet someone cool, and also someone who shares your interest in specific topic or theme.

Karaoke nights – another place with friendly and funny atmosphere, lots of laughs, and lots of very cool people. They are held usually over the weekends in many of popular Belgrade Bars and pubs, and it might be a very good place to get to know someone. Be brave, try your vocal skills and make some new friendships!


Belgrade lies on confluence of two big European rivers, Danube and Sava, and that gives a perfect opportunity for water activities as kayaking or canoeing. There are several clubs in Belgrade that organize group tours through the city or out of the city. It’s a perfect way to see Belgrade’s most significant landmarks from a completely different perspective and at the same time get to meet new people and bond in a relaxed environment. Don’t miss this one!