Are you ready for another great party on Freestyler?

Feel the night beat is their motto! DJ Mirko & DJ Mex are in the mix, and there is just one more question – what you going to drink?

great party on Freestyler great party on Freestyler freestyler 3

Favorite drink disclosure

You should read this, try to find yourself:

Beer – it’s cool people favorite drink, who are chilling all the time. It’s for students, repairman, sport fans, fishermen and all “real men”.

Vine – It’s for urban girls, businessmen, professors, bankers and other people who have sophisticated taste.

Cocktails – this is for adventurists, people who loves to try something new and probably for people who loves candies!

Vodka – this is a drink for those who like Russia, for postmen, conductor and engineer. Juice vodka is for people who are just starting to drink , and they want to do it in the best way possible.

Whiskey – people who drink this mean that they love something different from anything else.

Tequila – If it’s girls – she wants to get so drunk, so she can’t remember anything. And if it’s boy – he wants the same, but besides tequila he also drinks beer.

Water – is a drink for those who loves to be on top of every situation. They want to leave an impression, but not by getting drunk. It’s very possible that they, when are alone, drink Serbian brandy – vinjak!