Art Galleries in Belgrade

If you are believer that ART comes from pain, then welcome to Serbia, the country of ART. Communism, no freedom of expression then Devastating civil wars, rising of mafia and then poverty, ghetto, isolation and then rejected by everyone around the world. Then Revolution, Democratic Changes, then Killing of our Democratic Prime Minister by Mafia, then current time. From this turbulent history in the last 50 years, many individuals fond their escape trough expression of their creativity on the most interesting ways out there. Visit the most interesting Art Galleries in Belgrade. If you are at the right address you will Learn and Discover.


Organise an Exhibition in Belgrade


Organising an Exhibition in Belgrade could be done smoothly. You will have have a good Gallerist with with a strong artistic expertise and excellent managerial skills. Beside a place you like you will need a Art Gallery that will be able to manage and do your Exhibition on a professional way. Choosing the right place will give you the freedom to relax and enjoy the event. Some of the Art Galleries in Belgrade might do the whole work you need except relocation your Art from your home country to Belgrade. You will have to contact Cargo Specialists. In the package you will get:

  • Local and Regional Media Coverage


  • Photographer


  • Staff to manage an event


  • Sometimes even Promoters


  • Music and Light assistance


  • Marketing



Did you know?

Did you know that Picasso nearly died from an earthquake as a kid? Did you know that Frankenstein was inspired by a massive volcanic eruption? Or that Walt Disney made Mickey Mouse fictional character as an act of revenge?


Gallery Stab


Gallery Stab is the outstanding gallery wide open space located in the biggest Mall of Belgrade. Follow them on the Facebook for Art Exhibition dates.






Street Gallery


Fascinating people at trivial location in Belgrade. Downtown located, passage between 2 pedestrian street. Check them out on Facebook.





Medieval Serbian art was dominated by Byzantine influences; Western movements (such as Romanticism) during the 19th century played a big part in Serbia Art Scene; and Avant-garde movements like Cubism left the mark in the 20th century.

List of the Galleries in Belgrade


Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (SANU)

SANU is a national academy and the most prominent academic institution in Serbia, founded in 1841 and located in cultural centre of Old Belgrade.  It also serves as a venue for concerts, lectures and films. Gallery of Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts is divided in several departments and collections:

  • Gallery of Fine Arts and Music;
  • Gallery of Science and Technology;
  • Audiovisual archives.

In recent years exhibitions have been held on subjects ranging from the ancient Balkan culture of Lepenski Vir to Nikola Tesla, while the art collection covers the period from the 19th to the 21st century.

Art Galleries in Belgrade SANU

Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts

Gallery of Frescoes

This gallery is a part of National Museum and contains collection which includes 1.300 replicas of frescoes created from the 11th to mid-15th century, painted by academic artists specialized in this area. In this gallery you will find as well replicas of icons and miniatures of the same period. Collection contains about 300 residues medieval monumental sculptures and epigraphs.

*** Due to the reconstruction and rehabilitation  the building of the Gallery of Frescoes  will be closed to visitors from Monday 28 March to completion.

Art Galleries in Belgrade Gallery of Frescoes

Gallery of Frescoes

SKC Gallery

Founded in 1968, Belgrade’s Student Cultural Centre (SKC) has played a crucial and important role in  Belgrade cultural scene. During the nineties, SKC was known for a market where people sold illegal (pirated) music releases. Today, the SKC gallery exhibits are with wide variety of visual arts:

  • painting;
  • graphic design;
  • and sculpture.

Also many concerts, plays and events besides exhibitions are held in this monumental building.

Art Galleries in Belgrade SKC

SKC Belgrade

Salon of the Museum of Contemporary Art

Salon of the Museum of Contemporary Art or Modern Gallery presents elegant venue which exhibits intriguing modern works by local and international artists, photographers and designers. Founded in 1961. and started to work four years before the Museum of Contemporary Art (Modern Gallery is the main branch of the museum).  Reopened in autumn 2017 .,  after many years of renovations. Definitely, a gallery on a “must visit” list while you are in Belgrade.

Art Galleries in Belgrade Gallery Contemporary

Museum of Contemporary Art

Gallery N.EON

Quite Unique place. The Place itself is a work of Art.  Located in the heart of Savamala. Check them out on Fb.


Art Galleries in Belgrade Galerija Stab

Gallery N.EON


Gallery  “Stara Kapetanija”

Was established in 1985. with the aim of organizing solo, group and copyright exhibitions. Promotes and affirms all that is topical and creative in the area of fine and applied arts of all generations in the region, with no desire to favor certain techniques or expressing. Gallery organizes traditional exhibitions: Spring Exhibition and DELIS (Kids artistic creativity). Hosts annually  the Zemun International Exhibition of Caricature. Gallery cooperate and exchange exhibitions with similar galleries from home and abroad. Are you thinking about doing an exhibition in some of the Art Galleries in Belgrade? We will get you in touch with the right place. Contact us over whats app or email us.


Art Galleries in Belgrade Stara Kapetanija

Stara Kapetanija

KCB – Cultural Center of Belgrade

It was created as an informative cultural canter, over the years has changed its role, expanding the field of action and actively participated in the creation and presentation of the cultural and artistic content and reflection of cultural activities in Serbia and Europe. A number of programs that are genuinely committed and organised at the Cultural Center of Belgrade, today represent some of the most important cultural events of our capital and the whole country. Presents a complex of multi-purpose space that included the art gallery, Gallery Artget,  movie theater with a foyer, studios and depots.

Gallery Portofino 1989

This is tiniest and sweetest art gallery in Belgrade.  Have a collection of unique and modern art works, which have tendencies to satisfy the interests of clients or visitors, regardless of whether they are contemporary artists or lovers of classic design. They are presenting and selling the work of local artists from different artistic fields.

ULUS Gallery

Visit some of the Art Galleries in Belgrade! One of the places that has to be seen is The Association of Fine Artists (ULUS). This place was founded in 1919. by a group of artists and sculptors. The establishment of association of  fine artists significantly affect the further development of artistic life in Belgrade and Serbia. It is important to say that all significant artists in Serbia in XX century were members of the Association. Annually organizes over 50 exhibitions and other cultural events. The Association now has two representative spaces: Gallery ULUS located in main pedestrian zone Knez Mihailova and Art Pavilion Cvijeta Zuzorić at Kalemegdan Fortress.

Remont Gallery

The gallery is one of Belgrade’s most popular venues for contemporary art, and it was founded 18 years ago by historians and artists . Exhibits pieces by young and emerging Serbian artists working in a variety of media, from photography and sculpture to conceptual art. Over 400 programs was realized in Remont gallery space but also in collaboration with gallery and non-gallery spaces in Belgrade, throughout Serbia, within the region and internationally. 

O3ONE Art Space

The project was created thirteen years ago with the aim of becoming a platform for creating synergy of art, science and technology. O3ONE insists on the fact that artists are not outsides of society, nor are they in any way passive citizens with an unclear social role and status. Special emphasis is on collaboration with artists in their own Organization and personal initiatives. Are you considering doing an Art Exhibition in some of the Art Galleries in Belgrade? There is no doubt Ozone is the right place!

Dom Kulture Studentski grad (DKSG)

Students’ City Cultural Center (translation: Dom Kulture Studentski Grad), is the cultural space for the largest student’s community in Belgrade. The campus is like a small city for university students and is located in Blok 34, in the New Belgrade. DKSG has a wide program with activities for general public including, concerts, films, theater plays, a library, a cafeteria and also two galleries. While exhibitions of the Main Gallery include well known visual artists, exhibitions in The Gallery are based on student’s work and works of emerging artists.