The Best Mechanics Auto Repair in Belgrade

Are you Looking for A Honest Mechanics? Beside someone who is a specialist you would need to have some trust leaving you car. Belgrade have amazing mechanics. Not everyone is specialist though. If you have minor issues and car older then 5 years you can use almost any of the mechanics out there. There are some weird people out there. So follow Google reviews and our advices. Auto Repair in Belgrade will go smoothly if you end up at the right hands.


Auto Repair

Auto Repair



Official Car repair


You can always use official Car repair! If you drive Mercedes then New Belgrade area. Omladinskih Brigada street. Emil Fray Auto Centar and Mercedes Benz Srbija I Crna Gora. If you drive FolksWagen then Autokomerc. Porche Sever is serving Porsche and Volkswagen. As you already know prices at official car repair will go sometimes 3-5 times more then smaller mechanic Car repair shops in Belgrade.


Mobil Mechanic On site auto repair



If your car has been broken near Belgrade On Site Auto Repair will be there in around 30 minutes. Try to explain what’s wrong with your car. Explain do you have Electrical or Mechanical issues? Once your car is picked up you are safe. Belgrade Mechanics are high professionals. Serbians are well known for being car specialist.


Don’t be surprised


Don’t be surprised if local Serbian people stop and offer you help. Most of the Serbian people know how to fix most of the minor things themselves. You might get invited to someone’s house for a lunch or dinner or even to stay a night while your car is at the repair shop. You will be surprised how quickly everything can be done. English is fine for communication. Don’t expect communication on other language then English. As you know already, do not speed in while driving in Serbia. Beside its dangerous cameras are everywhere. You might end up at a court. This could ruin your entire trip.


We suggest you to stop over in Belgrade for at least few days. While you are in Belgrade make sure to discover popular Nightlife in Belgrade. Summer Clubs are the major Attraction in Belgrade.



Beside our recommendations on this page here are some tips that you might consider to ask a Mechanic. What is the Exactly an issue with a car. Is your shop certificated. Do you offer special maintenance deals. How long is a warranty. If you dont have trust then ask for an old parts to see.