“Back to the Good Times” weekend!


Today, here you will find new Belgrade place for chill – The Mikser Garden (Karadjordjeva Street 46a). “Back to the Good Times”, is its motto. 70s and 80s are theme of the weekend. You don’t need a reservation, just love and smile for other people! Enjoy in Marija Cvetić music and feel true Belgrade spirit!

Savamala is an urban neighborhood of Belgrade. It’s located south of the Kalemegdan fortress. Originally, the entire western section of today’s city center was called Savamala. It was the first new settlement constructed outside the fortress walls . Construction began in the 1830s as ordered by the prince of Serbia, Miloš Obrenović. The name comes from the name of the Sava river and “mahala”, one of the Turkish words for the neighbourhood or block of houses.