Backpacking through Serbia

Serbia is a great place to visit if you are on a backpacking tour through Europe, and this is because it can offer a lot in terms of natural beauty,
historical sights and modern cities, on a small territory. What’s more, it is a budget friendly country, perfect for young travelers or those on a tight
budget. Wherever you decide to go, you will definitely have a pleasant time, but here are a few tips that will help you get organized on your backpacking

Backpacking in Belgrade and its surroundings

When you first arrive to Serbia, you are probably going to arrive in its capital city – Belgrade. Population of Belgrade is around 1.5 million, which makes
it an average-size city compared to the rest of the continent. The main railway and bus station are located close to the city center, and many of the
hostels and hotels are located close by. Backpackers in Belgrade usually choose to stay at one of the hostels, as they are the most budget-friendly
accommodation you are going to find. The staff at the hostels are mostly young people, interested to help and give information about the city. You can get
a free map at the train station, which will help you in finding your way to the hostel.

Luckily for everyone backpacking in Belgrade, it is quite a cheap city, compared to other bigger cities in Europe. Food, bus and train tickets, as well as
drinks at the clubs are affordable even for young people looking to save some money on the trip. You will find many restaurants with daily menus, which is
the cheapest option for your lunch/dinner. Also, in all of Serbia you will find fast food places that serve traditional Serbian food (Serbian version of
burgers, sausages, pies…) that are much more affordable than, for example, McDonald’s.

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As for transportation, you should use public transport around the city. You can buy daily/weekly tickets for the busses and the trams. Taxis are also an
option, but they tend to be very expensive. If you are traveling to other cities from Belgrade, you can use a bus or a train, with trains being the more
affordable (but, unfortunately – also the more uncomfortable and slower) option. You should check the time of the departure at the stations, as they tend
to change and sometimes they differ from the ones listed on the websites.

Backpacking in south Serbia

South of Serbia is definitely a great place for backpackers. The hosts will make you feel welcome like nowhere in the world, the food tastes phenomenal,
and prices are as low as they can get. Don’t get us wrong, the quality of the service is on a high level at restaurants and hotels, and you will not be
disappointed with what you see.

Southern Serbia is the best place to meet Serbian culture and cuisine. This is where the majority of traditions have been kept, where food tastes like it
tasted a century ago, and where you will meet the real Serbia. Be sure to try some of the local specialties. If you find yourself in the Valjevo region,
try the local version of the pork rinds; in Zlatibor and Užice, try the prosciutto; in Pirot try the local sausages – every place has its own recognizable
specialty! If you happen to meet the locals, ask them for a recommendation of a local specialty. Not only are they going to appreciate your interest in
Serbian food, but they might even invite you to their home for a meal!

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Backpacking through Vojvodina

Vojvodina is the northern part of Serbia, an autonomous province that differs from the rest of the country in a few aspects. Historically, it used to be
ruled by the Habsburg monarchy (the south was ruled by the Ottoman empire); geographically, it is a plain, with only a few hills. One of the most
interesting parts of Vojvodina is Fruška gora. On your backpacking trip through Serbia, be sure to visit this national park, because it has a lot to offer
in such a small place.

You can stay at one of the motels, and visit some of the monasteries that are scattered round this area. There are as many as sixteen Orthodox monasteries
at Fruška gora! This mountain is perfect if you like hiking in nature, or you want to try out some of the extreme sports that it offers. Also, you can try
some of the local food specialties at the restaurants, and visit one of the many spa resorts. Fruška gora is well-connected to the nearby second largest
Serbian city – Novi Sad, so it is convenient to visit both on your backpacking trip through Serbia.