Bakeries in Belgrade

There are 4 major Areas were foreigners spend most of their time in Belgrade. City Centre, Dorcol, Vracar and New Belgrade. There are around 700 Bakeries in Belgrade. From those 700 only 10% offer the heights quality. Follow our advices and enjoy tasty food in our city.  Bakeries in Belgrade are part of everyday life. Most of people in Belgrade eat at least once a day in a bakery. Some do all tree meals over there. Most of the Bakeries in Belgrade serve fast delicious Food. Some of the Bakeries are open 0/24 while others open in the early mornings and close on afternoons.


Bakeries VS Pekara


Pekara is a Serbo-Croatian Name for a Bakery. Beside the name there is no other differences. When you see a sign PEKARA just go for it. You will see that sign at almost any corner of a City. Remember just some of those are legit places. Places that serve amazing food! Our personally favourite food in Belgrade Bakeries is the famous Burek. Burek is served with a Meat or a Cheese. Sometimes u can get it with a Shrooms. When you enter to Bakeries in Belgrade make sure to choose a line. There is a line for Burek and line for other delicates.



Bakeries in Belgrade

Where is the most delicious bread in Belgrade?



Can you get a meal for 1 Euro?


You can get a tasty meal for 1 Euro in Belgrade. There is no doubt about that. In some Posh bakeries it might be double that price.



The 4 most common food you can get in a Bakery


  • Burek. Do not hesitate to try. Check at the top of our page for the Bakery Recommendations
  • All kind of breads you can ever imagine
  • Serbian pretzel
  • All kind of Sandwiches



Try Makovnjaca!


Have u ever heard about Makovnjaca ? WOW! Listen, don’t leave Belgrade without having one. The Best Makovnjaca is made by the old recipes and can be found at few of the bakeries around the city. Please make sure to ask your local friend to show u the place and to choose the right Makovnjaca for you.





TOP Quality


Bread in Belgrade is just Wowwww. You can Choose and Choose it just never ends. Creativity of a Bakers never ends they just keep on making and mixing different recipes and making their magic come true. Prices of food in Belgrade Bakeries are friendly. You can get a good meal from 1 euros. Burek with yogurt will cost you around 1-2 euros. On the top of that when you add that a Nice Apartment in Belgrade cost around 400 euros for a month. That city is alive and that there is much going on out there. Belgrade can be the right choice to move to for a while. Check life of Belgrade Expats – move and work remotely.

Good quality Bread comes from using a little salt and rushed rising stage. So when the dough rises fermentation adds flavor. The longer it can rise without over fermenting the more composite the flavor will be. Slowing down the rise will make tastier bread.


LINES in front of popular Bakeries

There is golden rule. Never skip the food line.

In some bakeries there is a line specially for Burek. There is an another line with people waiting for other things from the menu. Some bakeries have a long lasting history and it’s a home of a hungry people. Bakeries in Belgrade are good but some are just out of this world. Make sure to be patient when you get there it can take sometimes up to 20 minutes to get you lovely meal. Paying in Euros is not allowed so have local Dinars on you. Would be awesome if u learn how to pronounce BUREK and Hvala ( Thanks ). Our suggestion would be to try small croissants with a local Nutela called Eurokrem. Get this for a desert if you like sweets. Don’t get to addicted to pastry you will gain your weight super fast. Full list of Serbian Food you can find on our page ( Serbian Food ). Some bakeries decided to offer other types of food as well. So basically you might find proper lunch menu with a meat and salads.


The Best Burek in Belgrade

Choose the right place and order the Best Burek in Belgrade.

Burek after party

Burek is the part of Serbian life. Even people who take care about diet they end up heaving a Burek. Even after popular Belgrade Nightlife some party goers end up in a bakery. Top choice for a hard core party people would be Burek with cheese and yogurt. Hard Party finish at 6 am. So this meal would be considered as breakfast.  How do we feel day after party hard and Burek at 6am? Well, you have to try 🙂 Dont plan to do to much the day after.



Authentic American Bakery in Belgrade


This place is kind anew in town. They become famous by its Banana Bread and Strawberry Cake. They blended American recipes with some locals. They have succeeded to please demanding costumers.  Belgrade people love bakeries and only the best ones at the market survive the competition. Food price and quality have to match! Location is crucial.


Planing to open a Bakery in Belgrade Serbia?


Moving to Belgrade and planing to invest on the local market? If you consider to open a Bakery in Belgrade you have to know at least this. Food regulations are strickt in the Serbia. You have to follow the health protocols. Food Supplies have to be fresh. Place needs to be super clean. You have to think about the location. Place yourself somewhere near the school or the busy areas with people working in the nearby towers. Buss stations are always a good options. Finding the right staff can be challenging sometimes. If you do find them and they show they worth make sure to treat them well. Make sure to keep them. If you need any additional info you can get in touch with us. We offer free info. Good contacts. Legal advices from a Lawyers. Welcome to Belgrade.