Balkan cuisine is totally in this season

Balkan cuisine is totally in this season

Everybody who visit Belgrade for the first time instantly fell in love with our kitchen. Balkan cuisine is totally in this season. Restaurants in Belgrade are one of the best in the world. We do have every imaginable kitchen (International, Japanese, French, Italian… ), but we are popular because of our stunning recipes. 

Best place for proving that is our lovely restaurant Ambar. Unique ambient with the chairs you can only find in Copenhagen and extraordinary wine card –  and of course remarkable menu are all things that will make your night out perfect!

Important notice: On Thursdays, all the ladies get free drinks at the bar, because Thursdays are reserved for ladies nights!

Balkan cuisine is totally in this season

You need to try Ambar train – special of the house, and an unique opportunity to explore the splendor of everything from the menu – and price is symbolic!

Try Serbian traditional lepinja with some kajmak and ajvar – you wont regret it.

Rakija is our most popular beverage – selection of this string drink is remarkable at Ambar restaurant

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