Aviator Coffee Explorer

Aviator Coffee Explorer


Group of coffee lovers who explored the world to find the best coffee ever, decided to open this place, Aviator Coffee Explorer,  for all worshipers of this beverage in Belgrade.  When comes to a good coffee, there is no compromise: Aviator’s motto is: “There’s those who say that the passion is the main content of each cup of a coffee. For us, coffee is a passion and way of life.”

Concept of this venue is designed for all the visitors to feel more than comfortable, so they can relax and drink there coffees in peace. Ambient is all about details of metal, wood, plush and retro elements that give warmth to this unique place.

According to team of Aviator, there are 96 ways to make a perfect cup of coffee (for example: Dripper, Aeropressa, Chemex, Syphone and many other ways of making). Aviator has his own coffee roaster which gives an opportunity to control all the stages on the way to the perfect coffee cups, which gives all the fans of this beverage the ultimate coffee experience from different parts of the world. Except of coffee, guest can order breakfasts, and many “sweet” things to increase the pleasure of the moment.

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Addresses: Aviator Zvezdara- Batutova 1
Aviator Vračar – Cara Nikolaja II 19
Aviator Dorćol – Gundulićev venac 59a
Aviator Novi Beograd- Gramšijeva 9
Aviator Borča- Retail park Shoppi, Zrenjaninski put BB

And also at brand new location at Terazije street 28

Working hours:  7:00AM – 11:00PM


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