Ben Akiba

Ben Akiba comedy club & bar has opened in October 2014th. For us when we first entered there looked as an awesome post modern museum. It is located in a part of town that is known for its nightlife in Belgrade, Savamala. What separates this place from all other clubs and bars in Belgrade is that it is the first stand up comedy club in Serbia, and it grew out of long-term cooperation between Ben Akiba bar and – professional organisation dealing with stand-up comedy.

Opening and raising this club was a great challenge, because it is conceived as a combination of night life, stand up comedy, concerts, DJ sessions and exhibitions. You could say that we have successfully completed our idea, but the people who run the club are planning new programs, cooperation and dissemination of laughter, music, and good energy.

Ben Akiba is a brand that lasts for more than a decade when it comes to cocktail bars and great atmosphere. After a stand up comedy that has entered the concept of the club, the story of Ben Akiba has rounded (aka the most famous Serbian playwrighter Branislav Nusic).

See you there!

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