Concept Bohemian


This place is newest spot in town. Located in Savamala district, just opposite of beautiful building of Geo Zavod. Young entrepreneur, classy Dj and fashion designer Aleksandra Duende has opened the doors of Concept Bohemian for the visitors in April 2017.
The place is definitely unique, the shop is the perfect place for a art exhibition, a good choice for a coffee or a beer before heading to explore Belgrade’s nightlife.
In the summer days, a nice crowd gathers to just to hang out here. There is space for people to realax and drink outside in the street. If you are around Savamala area, dont miss this place.
Notice: You dont need reservation for this place 
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Working hours: 10 am-10 pm
        Weekends: 10 am-01 am
                    Sunday: Closed
Address: Karadjordjeva 55

FREE Reservations

+381 62 33 77 00 [email protected] Reserve now