Galerija Stab

Galerija Stab is the place! Why? Galerija Stab is one of the most popular art gallery’s in Belgrade. It is located in the heart of Belgrade’s urban district Savamala. The infrastructure of this place is amazing, it been constructed as part of one of Belgrade’s biggest bridges, Brankov Most which connects the new and old part of Belgrade.This is the place to be this winter, bringing together art, love and music in one pretty cool venue . It is the perfect place to chill out and have a few warm up drinks before hitting the Belgrade night club scene.The concept involves exhibitions from well known as well as unknown artists along with music from the 80′s.  “Taking you back to the good times” of the 80′s the time of Love, peace, tolerance and understanding, with a positive energy and a great vibe.

Good to know: You will find an art work that you can purchase over there. They can arrange and set up an Event for you. You can agree about the price with the owners directly. Just next to Gallery there is an AMAZING Vegan Restaurant. Gallery is located under the bridge. They often make an event in the gallery with a music of the 80s. They will do huge promotion for you or your brand. Any additional info needed? Write to them directly or get in touch with us.







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