LEILA Records and Books

LEILA Records and Books

LEILA Records and Books is a unique record shop/gallery/cafe-bar in the heart of Belgrade, only a few steps from main pedestrian zone.

Great collection of new and second-hand vinyl, numbering over 10000 titles. Treasures of Ex Yu jazz, rock classics, Serbian ethno music, as well as new releases are waiting to be discovered.LEILA Records and Books is also a place for presenting interesting cultural and sub-cultural creations of Belgrade/Serbian scene. Almost every day something interesting is going on: performances of young artists, DJ nights, exhibitions etc. Inside, there is also a Cafe-Bar.

Remarkable space of 230 m2,organized in 3 levels, in  the famous “Building with green tiles” has been completely renovated and decorated in a very authentic style. The walls are painted with graffiti by young Belgrade artists and the interior contains massive and unique elements and sculptures made of wrought iron, with antique furniture from different epochs.

The whole project and space, with its appearance and mission, presents completely new, important and unique contribution to a cultural and touristic life of Belgrade.

It is important to point out the support of the Cultural Center of Belgrade and Tourist Organization of  Belgrade to this project, since LEILA Records and Books  has become a hot spot for many tourists, thanks to its exclusive location and unique concept.

Address: Gospodar Jevremova 6

Working Hours: 8 am -12 am

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