Mikser House

Lets be clear from the beginning, what is Mikser House ? A unique place of old Belgrade located in the Sava Mala district. Mikser House is a sort of “jack-of -all-trades”, its a workshop, urban boutique and a prime spot for the most entertaining events and concerts as well as an embodiment of an increasingly rare society where you can admire a friendly environment, share the love and positive vibrations, and above all feel right at home. This is on of Belgrade’s attractions that you should definitely visit.

This place during the summer period at the outside area organised a place for the most popular Lounge bar, Garden. Garden is like a sub brand of Mikser House which works from mid May till September.

Music of the 80’s, Dance, Por Rock and sometimes go even back in the 50s.

Mikser House are the fighters for a better mainstream country.


Important Notice: This place does not work anymore but they kept doing Festivals in Belgrade and in 2020 just outside of Belgrade, at the Serbia Countryside. Mixer Festival is always and Creative event that share the message of love. 

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