Polet is a Venue and the Art Gallery. Place is Super Cozy and just lovable. Its pretty much one of the kind among a Belgrade Venues. It is among the first venues that opened its doors in Cetinjska area. As you probably already know Cetinjska is home of a new wave hipsters. Good to know: Cetinjska besides Savamala area is a home of a Belgrade Hipster crowd.

This place gathers an Alternative Belgrade crowd. Polet very often have been organising Art Exhibitions and a Jazz Events. Polet promotes science and people from the intellectual circles.

It is very interesting that this place became instantly popular with almost NO money invested in the marketing. Good words are spreading fast! From the our personal prospective Polet is on the list of the most interesting places in Belgrade.

The interior design consists of used chairs and tables, and the walls are left old and ruined. When you walk inside you will feel like you are back in time  in a movie from the 50’s .

This Art Gallery become popular among the Artists. Prices of drinks are extremely friendly or better to say they should go up with prices a bit.

In the summer 2020 glass of a decent red wine costed only 1 euro. Yap, free entry good music and lovely vibe and glass of Wine for an 1 euro. If you visit this place while in Belgrade make sure to live a tip to a wonderful Polet staff.

Indeed this art gallery is worth checking out when you are in Belgrade.

If you are looking where to go after Polet, you can choose between Alternative and Mainstream Belgrade clubs. If you are into Polet you might be wanted to find out why did Guardian few years ago listed Club 20/44 as the no.1 Nightclub in the world.

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