Rakija bar

Rakija bar

Rakija is usually consumed at home, but it’s even better to drink it in the inn, in good company, near talk and with some food. It aids both body and soul. And, accompanying rakija, you eat slowly, fruits, prosciutto, cheese, paprika… expertly – with toothpick. It’s a matter of choice and taste: fresh, hot or cold, crunchy or soft.

The unique concept of drinking the finest fruits’ distillates always with a food – creative appetizer, in a modernly designed space: all this constitutes urban hedonism, Belgrade’s stride onto the world’s stage of hard liquors. The combination of rakija and food may intrigue your senses and turn a small moment of joy into a big gastronomic adventure. Precisely because of that, don’t miss Rakija bar, which can be found on two locations in the city: Rakija bar 1, on one of the finest locations in the city, just by the National theatre and National museum, and Rakija bar 2, on Vracar, near King Alexander’s boulevard (Bulevar kralja Aleksandra) and Slavija Square (Trg Slavija).

Rakia Bar I – Dobračina 5
Rakia Bar II Kralja Milutina 4

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