Samo Pivo

Samo Pivo


This bar (and pub as well) is perfect choice for all beer lovers around the world! Samo Pivo (translation: Only the Beer) is located in the center of Belgrade.  Situated in an intimate space, with unpretentious but originally designed interior, which is perfect for enjoying your favorite beers.

The bar is offering 7 types of beers, including a great new producer on the domestic scene – brewery Cabinet. Also you can find the more recognizable Grimbergen (Belgium Blonde Ale) and refined wheat beer Erdinger.

Menu is offering  over 50 types of beer, which includes the best of what  Serbian market can offer, including the following “beer stars”:

– A unique  products of Scottish brewery Brew Dog: Indian Pale Ale, Amber Ale and Black Ale;
-Tripel Karmeliet – Belgian “Golden Ale” that uniquely combines barley, wheat and oats, creating a recognizable taste designed for true connoisseurs of beer;
– Top German wheat beer ( brewery Scheinder),  – Aventinus Eis Bock with 12% alcohol (they are really proud if this one);

-Sophisticated taste of Czech beer – Bernard, lager, dark and red;

-London Pride – pride of London in the heart of Belgrade;
– Many German beers are very popular in our market, including a wide range of well-known brewery Paulaner, Krombacher , Radeberger, Schöfferhofer, Augustiner, DAB Dortmunder and many more.

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Location: street Milutina Bojica No. 2

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