Shootiranje is the first specialized shot bar in Belgrade and is located in Savamala. Moto of this bar is “Getting drunk has never been that easy”. That justifies the offer of eighty different shots and two specific bestsellers – Blow Job and Marijuana. Five friends opened  Shootiranje, and as they say, with the aim of getting drunk in a fun way. The interior designer was their close friend, architect Mia Jovanovic. Everything is tailor-made, while ornamental pattern permeates through the details made in the old  store across the street. In addition to get their guests drunk, the guys from Shootiranje work on their education, but they also give away refreshers for cars where you can find a small print which says: If you can not read this, do not drive! And soon, as they say, in the bathroom they will install alcohol test machine.

During the day, SHOOTIRANJE is more than just a pleasant coffee bar – a place to relax or recharge the battery, place a business meeting, or date, place for work, a place for a long cappuccino, or a quick espresso shot. At 8 in the evening, SHOOTIRANJE is experiencing a complete transformation, in appearance and in essence,  transformed into what we know as Belgrade’s first shot bar. It is the perfect place to end a day, for a great evening and as a starter of superior night.

Address: Gavrila Principa 7
Working hours: 8 am – 12 am
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