Terminal Gastrobar

Gastro Bar Terminal is located at Vracar plateau in immediate nearness of Sveti Sava Temple, with an extra ordinary position and gorgeous reflection of illuminated Tample during the night.

Terminal Gastro Bar has been imagined like modern gastro bar and openly flirts with trade segment that it looks for more than usually and considers gastronomical experience. Terminal Gastro Bar offers not only top food and drink but the whole atmosphere that looks like the greatest world’s famous bars. Taking care of which things attract guests and paying attention on what animate them and keeps them, we have directed our concept to direction of fun and totally adventure. Our DJ, top sound systems, unusually seats schedule guarantee unforgettable time. We can also praise with our own bakery shop, juice bar, cocktail bar, pizza shop, kitchen in open area, tapas bar that offers different bites from all over the world.

While in the morning hours we offer top Italian espresso coffee and breakfast like in brunch restaurants on Menhetn with a special turn- over on trends and unique opened Juice Bar, in the evening ours this the same place is transformed into a club with optional atmosphere with possibility for enjoyment in high wine offer over 60 the most known wine-cellars in the world.

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