Witch bar

Witch Bar is a place where everyone’s frog turns into a prince! A place where, with only one sip of Magic Potion, every girl becomes a demon lady. The bar serves princes without white horses and princesses without peas. A few drinks and you will find the love of your life, or love of your night. This place is not a fairy tale, but it certainly belongs to a one.

The Cocktail bar is situated near the Episcopal Church and the Patriarchate, in the most beautiful part of the city – Old town, overlooking the medieval Belgrade’s fortress Kalemengdan. Witch bar mixes excellent cocktails which will immediately grasp your attention by their original names. Whether they are regular size for a good day, or larger of 1L or 3L for a happy evening, they will definitely have a positive impact on your mood. All night long musical program, delicious cocktails, unusual interior will make your stay in Belgrade even more enchanted.

Address: Pariska 13




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