Be our guest – Restaurant Panta Rei

Be our guest – Restaurant Panta Rei

What is more perfect than very lovely dish and a glass of really good wine? Be our guest at restaurant Panta Rei  this evening, and have unforgettable memories with friends, family and loved people. Beautiful atmosphere in beige and brown tons and very friendly, responsible and professional stuff will gladly host your night till the perfection.

Venue has a beautiful garden, which is full all summer and spring, but don’t be disappointed because it is winter time – interior has glass walls, so you can gaze to the great Sava river, one of the most beautiful scene of Belgrade. We suggest that you try some of the top 10 Serbian foods, you will find something for yourself.

Before crazy Belgrade nightlife in Belgrade clubs, chill and have a good time in evening hours.


Some of remarkable dishes be-our-guest-restaurant-panta-rei be-our-guest-restaurant-panta-rei3

Nice and sunny day in restaurant Panta Rei