Beautiful evenings in Belgrade

Beautiful evenings in Belgrade

Everything is about New Year’s Eve rush this days, euphoria is on a high level and it is time to spend Beautiful evenings in Belgrade without a tension. In a cozy ambient in beige and warm brown tones, with a remarkable atmosphere, in the heart of the Belgrade you can find a place like that, and it is called Panta Rei. One of the most popular restaurants in Belgrade.

If you are visiting Belgrade for a first time, why don’t you try some of top 10 Serbian foods such asAjvar, homemade Kajmak, traditional way of veal in wooden oven with potato, and many, many more. Visiting restaurants is one of the most common activities in Belgrade,  and it is perfect for every occasion: even if you just want to grab a lunch, or to have a romantic dinner, Panta Rei is perfect for that!


Salmon Salad


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