Belgrade 2021 Season

What can you expect from Belgrade 2021 Season?


Belgrade 2021 Season till this date is still full on. Nightlife is on and clubs are crowded almost every night. Free Vaccines has been organised for foreigners that visited Belgrade at the early Summer days. There were people coming from surrounding countries and as well as from the far destinations to get vaccinated. Country have showed huge interest to help people from all over the world.  Clubs, bars and restaurants has been open since. People of Belgrade feel the freedom again. Streets are loaded with local and foreigners once again. On the streets of Belgrade, you can see people smiling laughing and having the good time. Expect the wild Parties in Belgrade this season!


Where for Sunset time in Belgrade?

Belgrade 2021 Season? During Sunset time day Knez Mihailova street is the place to cruise. Kalemegdan park is the place for the sunset time. You can get ice cream on the way and play cash with elders.

Down the road of Kalemegdan there is the place named Boho Lounge, amazing view and good cocktails. During the day it can get bit warm so sunset time would be the best time to visit.

During the day people spend time at Ada Lake, Public Pools or at the famous Hot Mess. Ada Lake is the right place for any of the water activities or place to get wet in the lake. Check out Wake boarding over there as well as super cool place named Na Kraju Sveta.


Coolest places to hang this season!


Coolest places to hang this season are: Radionica bar at the Dorcol area. Older cool faces and super cool vibe. Check them out on the social medias. Next to the Radionica there is the coffee place. Przionica Cool kids Hang around place on Sunday mornings. Check out Beton Hala for sure! Ambar and Toro are the most popular places at the Beton Hall. But any of other places over there would be a good choice as well. Savamala is still very active. There are numerous places that offer good time. For local vibe check out Kafanas. The most popular Nightclubs are Leto, Freestyler and Money Club. Festivals in Belgrade and Festivals in Serbia are pretty slow this year due the restrictions. Still there are rumours that Exit will be happening this year.


Season 2021

Season 2021



Where to eat this season?

Where to eat in Belgrade? So much choices. From the amazing fast food places to the posh restaurants. Check out food called Burek. The most popular Serbian food can be found at bakeries all around the Belgrade. The most popular place that serve Burek is Trpkovic Bakery. Price is around 1 euros for a meal.

For Serbian traditional food you can try Tri Sesira. That restaurant is located at Skadarlija street. Skadarlia is the bohemian part of Belgrade. Very romantic place to take you date to. Prices of food in Belgrade restaurants are around 5-10 euros per meal. Bottle of a Wine is around 10 euros and go up. Check the list of the most popular Wines in Serbia.


Staying for a while?

If you are thinking to stay for some time in Belgrade and work from here, make sure to get your visa sorted out. Don’t do over stays you might get banded for entering the country again. Also facing some fines. Check out the Co-work places list over here: CO WORK Belgrade.

At the co work places you can meet cool people of Belgrade. Expect that Internet is super fast and price of Living in Belgrade is a barging.


Transportation in Belgrade


Make sure to get in the right car. There are unfortunately illegal drivers around the city same as in any other country out there. Check the list of Taxis in Belgrade. Book your ride over the app or a phone call.

Belgrade 2021 Season is on! Have fun in Belgrade and stay safe. Follow the government regulations regarding the pandemic.