Activities in Belgrade

THE EPIC Activities in Belgrade!


Activities in Belgrade? Ladies and gentleman, if you are looking for an adventure, you are at the right place! Belgrade is the city that never sleeps, city where day time is reserved for adventures and night reserved for epic parties that begin at midnight and last until dawn! That is what our amazing city is famous for – fun and good times. You might hear how some refer to it as The New Berlin, and once that you come here you’ll see why though! Are you are wondering what the top Activities in Belgrade are? We did a BIG research. Study Show that Belgrade Activities are divided into 5 Major groups.


Types of Belgrade Activities


Humans choose different ways to relax. Some prefer physical activities while others enjoy mental activities to entertain themselves. Most of us travel with a particular reason. If people choose to party in some other country for a weekend they will mostly choose to go to Amsterdam, Budapest or Belgrade. Yap. As you probably heard Belgrade is dominate party city. But also much more then that. Types of Belgrade Activities:


  • Historical and Cultural
  • Socialise and making new friends
  • Business reasons
  • Party
  • Looking for a date
  • Adrenaline



Boost your adrenaline with Wakeboarding in Belgrade


Activities in Belgrade

WAKE is among top Belgrade Activities



Over the summer period “Belgrade Sea“ Ada Ciganlija, is the place for relaxation. This huge lake is located just 10 minutes away from the Down Town of Belgrade. At the edge of nature, but still close from the heart of the city, It’s the perfect getaway spot for all of you who are looking for relaxation day with a view, cup of coffee with your friends, cold beer or cocktails, or maybe some sports activities as volleyball, tennis, or something less usual as wake-boarding or SUP.

Aquaski Ada is a cafe and the restaurant located at the Ada Lake. This place offers wake-boarding lessons and board rentals during the whole summer. Season begins with warm weather – from the end of April, and last until the end of summer – late September.

You don’t need to do prior booking for Wake-boarding. Make sure to take your lessons early in the morning, since during the day time, it can get too crowded. Wake-boarding is one of the most popular activities in Belgrade. Another information that some of you might find useful – Aquaski Cafe besides the usual offer of beverages ( coffee and juices ), has a big offer of different kinds of beers and cocktails.


Karting Adventure


Belrgade carting 3

Boost your Adrenaline and have fun with your friends


Karting is one of the favorite team activities for friend’s reunion. Since it’s becoming more and more popular each year, Belgrade has opened few new karting spots during the last few years. Now you can choose between couple of places. Some are goo and some are AWESOME! Some are located in the heart of the city while others located at suburbs. Information that some of you might find interesting is that now you can rent a go pro camera and have your adventure with friends recorded! We can book this service for you completely free of charge! Make sure to e-mail us or WhatsApp us on +38162337700 for reservations and more information. Click here to check info about Karting in Belgrade.


Paintball and Laser tag


Belgrade Paintball 2

Stay focus and think tactically



Paintball or Laser tag are always a good choice for fun, dosent matter how old you are or what is the purpose of your visit to our city, it’s a fun for everybody! There are plenty of places in Belgrade that offer this service. Some places are more interesting then others, offering better locations and more creative infrastructure. You can choose between places located in the city center, or some that are more into nature.

Among Belgrade activities currently this is probably the most popular one. We can book this service for you completely free of charge, too. For more information and reservations you can either e-mail us ( [email protected] ) or WhatsApp us on +38162337700



Adventure Bicycle ride along the riverside



Belgrade Bikes


One of the most popular Activities in Belgrade is bicycle riding from 25th May Area, along the river side, passing Beton Hala area as well as Savamala and going straight to Ada, passing old buildings and shops on your way from the period when Belgrade was the Communist City.

Cycling is a awesome way to get to know the city better. It’s a great opportunity to enjoy its beauties and see all it has to offer. No matter what time of the year it is, this activity is always popular.

When you get to Ada you can relax and have a drink at one of the cafes before heading back to 25th May area. Riding bike at this route, with brakes it will take you roughly 2 – 3 hours. You can enjoy the view to take lake, and fall in love with nature.

Make sure to bring your camera, and take some unforgettable photos.


You can rent a bike for few euros at the 25th May area. There are several shops that rents bikes and roller-blades. And you will find out that rental in Belgrade is very cheap compered to the any other European city. Economical for your pocket and environmental friendly way to explore Belgrade and get around the city.

Don’t forget to bring your ID, you will be required to have it for rentals.


Getting a ride in a Limo


Belgrade limo

Move around Belgrade like the BOSS


Limo ride around the city of Belgrade is a cool way to hang around with your buddy’s. Feeling that you can be with your crew, listening to music and having some cold drinks, while looking upon the Belgrade panorama.

Limo is designed for up to 10 people, and costs 150 euros per hour / Including Free bottle of Champagne.

Notice: 1 hour is enough time to check Belgrade streets out. It is perfect way to warm up for a club. And getting in front of one of a Clubs or Splavs with a Limo is pretty glamorous, you have to agree! It’s great especially for Bachelor Parties.

We can book this service for you completely free of charge. You can email us, or WhatsApp us +381 62 33 77 00

If you want to find something different from Belgrade activities,  check out awesome list, Belgrade unusual activities.


Belgrade Stand up paddling (SUP)


More from Activities in Belgrade!   Stand up paddle boarding or surfing is a type of adrenaline sport, where, unlike classic surfing, it’s standing on the board and using the paddle to ride. It’s the new thing in Belgrade and each year it’s becoming more and more popular among both tourists and locals. Belgrade SUP club will provide you training lessons, rent of boards, ordering equipment from various manufacturers. They can also provide ISA certificates for the completed SUP school. Another thing that might be very interesting for all of you tourists – SUP Club can offer tours and sightseeing of beautiful tourist destinations, both in Serbia and its rivers and lakes, as well as in Montenegro. It’s a completely new way to meet beauties of Belgrade, and Serbia, from completely different perspective.



Cliff Climbing



Cliff Climbing is another adrenaline sport that is becoming more and more popular each year. Serbia has a lot of natural rocks and climbing areas, so it can offer besides artificial, many natural cliffs. Cliff climbing is a way for the adrenaline to swell out your veins, but also to get to know Belgrade and Serbia in a completely different way, from a completely new perspective. There a several clubs in Belgrade that you can join and either take lessons, and get into new adventure! Try to do some research before head off to the climbing. It can be dangerous if you push over the limits. Safety First!




Belgrade Activities Kayaking

Book your Tour around Belgrade


If you are looking for an adventure, but still want to get to know the city and its most significant landmarks, meet its culture and learn about its history, kayaking might be just a perfect activity for you! In Belgrade you can take lessons if you are a beginner in some of many kayaking clubs, rent yourself a kayak if you are just looking for some sports activity on your own, or book a guided tour through city’s rivers, or even a tour through other places through Serbia’s rivers and lakes if you are interested! It’s an amazing experience that can last between few hours or few days. It’s a pretty cool activity for team building and spending time with your friends and family! One of ours personally most favourite Activities in Belgrade!


Bungee Jumping


Activities in Belgrade? Ada Ciganlija lake is an oases of nature located only 15 minutes away from the city center. It’s a place that offers sports activates of different types, so as chilling at some of its many restaurants and bars. Among many other amusements for people of action, there’s a bungee jumping platform at the Ada Ciganlija Lake. The crane of bungee jumping platform is 55 m tales, and the jump is supervised and instructed by a team of professionals. The price is around 50 euros, and you can get your adrenaline dose by jumping here each year from May, till the end of August or beginning of September, depending on weather conditions. Minors are also allowed to jump, but only with parent’s presence and written and signed permission. If you are looking for an adrenaline rush, come to Ada Ciganlija, and enjoy! Feel the energy running through your veins!


Why some people enjoy more in Physical while others enjoy more in Mental Activities?

Being active releases chemicals in your brain that make you feel good. Boosting your self esteem and helping you concentrate as well as sleep well and feel better. Not bad for something many of us can do for free! The hardest part is to start. Motivation. We encourage you to set a goal. Make a Monthly and Yearly goals. Cut off 1 meal per day. And work out and move every day. Go into adventures and travel as much as you can.