Belgrade Areas


There are several popular Belgrade areas that you can visit. In this article you will find a list and short description for each place.

Good to know: All areas are completely different from each other;


Beton Hall

Beton Hala aria




If you like top and fancy lounge bars, atmosphere and crowds, this is the place where you have to go. It Is located along the Sava River. Some places you can check out are Toro Latin Gastro Bar, Cantina de Frida and Ambar which are some of the popular restaurants in this area.

Beton Hall is consists of 15 restaurants and lounge bars next to each other, just 10 minutes walk, or 1 minute with car, from the city center, and also has rooftop parking.





Savamala aria 4




Savamala over the years has become a top destination for locals and tourists. This area has received the nickname, small Berlin.

It has hipsters hype, walls with murals, creative infrastructure bars, gallery’s, and of course the most popular and the biggest venue, one of the pioneers of this area – Mikser House.





Belgrade aria Cetinjska 5


image1 (2)



Cetinjska area is newest hipsters place in Belgrade, it started to Develop in 2016. Many call this area NEW Savamala or Dorcolmala. There are many bars, coffee shops and restaurants there. It is located next to the Skadarlija Bohemian quarter.

Don’t miss this place for warm ups before heading of for some of the Popular Belgrade clubs.








Bohemian quarter, Located in the Old city of Belgrade. It is a romantic district, with a number of traditional restaurants, visited by foreigners as well as from local people.

One of the Belgrade areas, where you will hear the small local bands that plays music while you are looking for your favorite food on the menu.

The street is cobble stoned and is very amazing, if you are in Belgrade you have to go there, to have a true Serbian experience.



Obilicev venac aria 2



Obilicev Venac is one of the first places that become popular among Belgrade people. It started to develop in the early 90s. It is the perfect location, next to Knez Mihajlova pedestrian zone, it become crowded with people looking forward to enjoy good coffee shops.

Notice: Lately, This area is last on the list of popularity in 2016


Strahinjica Bana

image3 (1)


In the early years of 21 century this street in Dorcol area, Strahinjica Bana has become known for fast cars, celebrities and popular bars. The Street received the nickname Silicon Valley of Belgrade. Not because of Internet entrepreneurs like we would all probably think, but rather of the big gathering of good-looking girls that are spending their time in this aria.

Notice: Lately it has not been as popular as what it was many years ago