Belgrade Bachelor party

Belgrade Bachelor party

Stag night or Bachelor party is a special event in every man’s life. This exceptional day represents last day of your “free life”. You definitely should not greet it unorganised. Belgrade Bachelor party is perfect choice for you. You are in the right hands! We are Belgrade Bachelor Party Experts! We love what we do! We are party people that bring smiles on our guest faces!

If you are looking for a city that is alive and city where you will party hard, then Belgrade is the right choice for you. Bohemian area will take you back to the Old times, Mainstream / Posh area will blow your mind with a Beautiful Belgrade Girlsyou will find yourself in Old abandoned factory in downtown of Belgrade that become home for creative souls, epic bars, galleries and pre party places. Splavs are open air river clubs, that work over the summer season. Those clubs will take your party experience to the next level. 


People in Belgrade speak English

People are super friendly, mostly everyone understand / speak English. Venues are designed to leave you speechless, and to offer you unforgettable experience. We will take you to the heart of the Belgrade Nightlife, with us you will know where and when you have to be, as well, easy entry to the most popular places out there. 
Beside being at the right spot, make sure that you stay funky and that you have smile on your face and of course to party hard. That would be the recipe how to connect with the locals that you would like to meet.  Check us out on Trip Advisor. See what other have said about us. 


Belgrade bachelor party




Why Bachelor party with US ???


  • We are party people and you will Party hard with us
  • You will get best place in clubs ( heart of the club / party )
  • Easy entry to any club you want
  • Fast and quick response
  • Easy entry
  • We are smiley faces crew and we share good vibes
  • We deliver what we promise on time
  • Our service is FREE of charge


Contact us ( whats app ) for more info about How to Party Hard in Belgrade: +38162337700



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18 Hot tips how to be the KING of Belgrade


  • Dress to impress. Not to extreme though
  • Good style all together is what will sky rocket you. If you need tips or a stylist let us know
  • Master your body language. Three things matters: Be dominant, respectable and not aggressive
  • Look Satisfied
  • Never look tired
  • Smile. Dont be to serious
  • Learn how to seduce with dancing. Dancing or better to say your body language tell alot about you
  • Dont get to drunk and annoying to others
  • Be Wild but with a limit
  • Always fresh and smell good
  • Dont go for other people girlfriends
  • Pat with cash. Only big bills. Be confident and easy when paying
  • Dont read a bill for a long time. Dont do split billing for a long time
  • Spend bit more money and order at least 1,5 L Magnum Bottle
  • Make sure with club authorities that you get your table surrounded with a random girl club guests
  • Dont late for your reservation
  • Dont come to party for the same table with 20 other guys and expect the miracle. To much testosterone around
  • Get in touch with us Belgrade at Night to organise you an easy entry to clubs and the table in the heart of the party



Who usually pay for a Bachelor Party?



The unlucky guy who is getting ready to loose his freedom usually dose not pay for his own night out. Party should never happen in its own town. It has to be somewhere far with a night to remember. For the airplane tickets & accommodation its up to every single attended to cover it. Belgrade is a smart choice indeed. There is so much that can happen that you cant control. You have to know where to go and what to do though. Its all about knowing the right people in Belgrade! Bachelor Party in Belgrade is among the most popular around the globe. Ofcorse Bangkok is awesome. Unpredictable Kiev as well. But Belgrade is Belgrade. Mix of everything you need to get unforgettable fun. Dont miss out. Get in touch with us to find out where to go and what to do.



Do you remember epic movie, The Hangover ?


Your Belgrade bachelor party time can be as crazy as the guys experienced in the movie. Except Tiger and Tattoo part.

Feel the Belgrade, meet new people, Party Hard but still stay Funky with style.

That evening is completely yours, why wouldn’t you together with your crew experience unforgettable night that you will remember and retell?



Belgrade Bachelor Party – 1


Unique Experience with Belgrade at Night

Are you tired of common and standard bachelor parties that don’t look much different from regular weekend nights? Your Bachelor Party is perfect opportunity to spend that day in VIP style and experience something new and exciting that you don’t do every day. Would you like Belgrade at Night to take you to the another level of party?

In the last couple of years, Belgrade has become one of the leading European capitals when nightlife is concerned. Belgrade at Night become the leading Service with bunch of a happy guests coming back to us.

In summers – there are unique open-air clubs on rivers that are called rafts, where people are having great time until early morning hours. Those are places which tourists love the most because there are specific for Belgrade. During winters there are lots of clubs placed in main center of Belgrade. There, you can also find many bars where people go out for a drink before clubs, and that are full non-stop. Recently BBC wrote an article about Belgrade Splavs. You will find an part in the article where they talk about us the Belgrade at Night crew.

Belgrade Bachelor Party – 2


Technical Important information about Belgrade Bachelor Party


There are some things that you should know before you relax completely! Read it carefully. Belgrade clubs do not charge entry fees, but your name on the guest list is only way that you enter to Belgrade clubs. All Belgrade clubs have tables all around the club, including the dance floor area. Since clubs do not make money on the tickets they need to make sure that guest will drink and spend money in the clubs. First step is to get your name on the guest list before going to party (sometimes you need to do this 7 day in advance and sometimes way in advance / depends from the time in the year and particular party in the club). We can put your name on the guest list, our service is FREE of charge. Whats app us for info and reservation: +38162337700



Belgrade Bachelor Party – 3 –



Next: come on time, don’t come drunk, do not come in sportswear, you might be denied entry even if you are on guest list!

As soon as you get inside, you are good, you will be taken to your table.


If you want to have open vip table in the heart of the party, where you are allowed to bring anyone and party hard, we can book it for you, our service is free of charge. Whats app us; +38162337700


Belgrade Bachelor party


More and more men are deciding to spend their stag night here.

Them, always with smile and happy with lots of memories and stories, have left city with promise that they will surely visit our capital again.

Our service is there to organise whole Belgrade Stag Party especially for you. And all you have to do is to prepare for unforgettable time in VIP style.

What our Nightclub service offers is a ride in luxurious car or limo to the best clubs in Belgrade, entrance in clubs without waiting in line with host, and VIP table placed in the best area in the club.



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Whole Week or a Weekend in Capital of Fun?


Staying bit longer? Check areas where to stay. We will give you options from Vilas to condos. Lux Apartments to cozy houses. There isn’t any reason to spend this night usually when you can experience it in unique, unusual and memorable way. That’s your special night!  Feel and be special on that day, because it is something that happens once in the lifetime. We are here to make this night unforgettable. We are party people with more then 10 years of experience in the Belgrade Nightlife. Belgrade Bachelor party experts are here for you!

Reservations are required so get your name on the guest list. Contact us for  free reservation, for all restaurants, bars and clubs in Belgrade. Drop us an e-mail or just give us a call, SMS, or whatsapp us on +381 62 33 77 00.