Belgrade Boat Cruise

Belgrade Boat Cruise


Belgrade Boat Cruise will leave you speechless. The capital of Serbia has a very interesting tourist and cultural entertainment offer. Every year Belgrade attracts tourists from all over the world. Numbers of new tourists are increasing every year. As you know belgrade is one of the few capital cities in Europe that lay on the two big rivers. Probably one of the most common reasons why people choose to do Belgrade Boat Cruise trips around in this area. Get to know city from the banks of the Sava and Danube rivers. There bunch of a activities every year on our rivers. Among the Belgrade attractions you might find floating restaurants, cafes, Kafana, and clubs (splavs). They are side by side providing unforgettable time for you and your buddy’s all year around.


Belgrade on the River


People of Belgrade love rivers. They live on the rivers in touch with an nature. Yet its close to the city centre. Tourists can feel power of Sava by staying in hotels and hostels on the water. Floating for ever. 

There are tourists who want to get to know Belgrade from the river! So the unavoidable part is to sail by a boat. Sightseeing our beautiful city for the duration of most commonly two hours. Such tours are organised by several carriers.


Belgrade Boat Cruise

A great opportunity to complete your day in Belgrade with sightseeing the city from a boat. With guides that will share interesting stories on English and other languages. You will find out about various sights of the city. You will get to know Kalemegdan Fortress , Saborna Church, Nebojsa Tower. The Great War Island, Museum of Contemporary arts and Old Sava bridge. Confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers, Brankos Bridge, Belgrade Waterfront. Old Sava bridge, Zemun, Gazela bridge, Old Railway bridge, New Railway bridge, Belgrade Fair, Ada bridge. So much   you will enjoy the magic of Belgrade with Serbian traditional food and drinks.



Belgrade Boat Cruise

Belgrade Boat Cruise



Belgrade boat rides

As Belgrade becomes popular with water activities and its beautiful sightseeing of the city become more interesting. There are several shipping companies that are trying to make this experience as beautiful as possible. Make sure that you will keep Belgrade in a beautiful memory.

Jahting Klub Kej provides several tours, day tour, sunset tour, both lasting around 90 minutes and a party on the boat for three hours. 

They have a menu with Serbian traditional dishes, as well as fish, pasta and much more. Price per person is around 10 euros. They have several different riders in their offer and what is very important is that all of their ships are registered and verified with the competent authorities, and all of them holds safety certificates. The ships have eco engines that have minimal combustion and waste mass.

The website is very clearly and simply made, with English language choice. There is a photo gallery, price list, offers, contact, map, reservation can be done online. Boat tours are organised between March and October.

Belgrade By Boat 2


Private Cruises


There are Belgrade Cruises which offers these options: Day cruise, Magic hour cruise and Private cruises. The maximum is 10 people, prices for the first two options are between 42 – 52e, while for private tours the price ranges between 210-300e, depending on the number of people.

In prices are included welcome drinks, skipper and one crew and Wi – Fi.

Good to know:

The Sava and Danube are two of Belgrade’s largest rivers. However, Belgrade has not yet harnessed this potential and has completely descended to its 200 km long river banks. There are 16 river islands in the city, the most famous of which are Ada Ciganlija, the Great War Island and Grocanska Ada.

It is less known that Belgrade actually lies on more than 40 rivers and streams that have been altered by urbanisation of the city or have been carried out below the city streets by underground collectors. Other than the Danube and the Sava, other Belgrade watercourses are not tourist destinations, but it’s nice to know they exist.