Belgrade Boat Cruise

Belgrade Boat Cruise


There are 16 river islands in the city of Belgrade. The most famous are Ada Ciganlija and the Great War Island. It is less known that Belgrade actually lies on more than 35 rivers and streams that have been altered by urbanisation of the city or have been carried out below the city streets by underground collectors.

Belgrade at Night highly recommend you to try out Belgrade Boat Cruise. The capital of Serbia is a quite unique tourist destination. Its a cultural phenomenon. With amazing entertainment offer. Every year Belgrade attracts around 500k tourists from all over the world. Numbers of new tourists are increasing every year. Belgrade is one of the few capital cities in Europe that lay on the two big rivers. Thats why tourists choose to discover Belgrade trough river cruise. There are quite a few business that offer Boat Cruise deals. Among all of them only a few will be recommended from our side. Meet Belgrade trough Sava and Danube rivers and find out why is Boat Cruise among the best rated activities in Belgrade. Choose a trip that will include visiting some of most popular Belgrade attractions. Let your Captain know that you want to see floating restaurants, cafes, Kafana, and clubs during your Cruise. Belgrade river Venues are providing unforgettable time for both Locals and Tourists all year long.


Romantic Sunset Boat Ride


Sunset view is spectacular over the Danube and Sava River in Belgrade. Once you meet a person you like we would recommend you to take her out to a special date. Coffee and a Bar is alright. Sunset on a Boat is something else. You could bring a flower along for your first date. Will leave a good impression to a girl from Belgrade.

The setting of Sun colours represents the completion of a day. It represents the opportunity to relax and slow down. There is no doubt that sunsets arise beautiful emotions. Sunsets drive romantic feelings in people. Study shown that magical moments can amplify the love people have for each other.


Get inspired in Belgrade


Some of tourists that visited Belgrade comment that this trip changed their prospective how they see Europe. Belgrade is a Hot mix of East and West. Very Successful Ex Communist country that was 400 years under Ottoman empire. Feeling of bunt trough out the city centre that is covered with art trough Gratifies. Extreme Alternative, Mainstream and Traditional culture is present trough out the city. For locals this is a Mess. For Tourists this is super Exotic. Many claim that they found inspiration for their future moves while they been in Belgrade.


Belgrade on the River


People of Belgrade are river people. They live in touch with nature. City Centre is basically on the rivers. You can feel power of Sava. There are hips of tourists that are arriving from Germany trough Danube River. Get yourself in a hands of a good guide. Book at least 2 hours of Sightseeing. Relax in a view of our beautiful city. For the unique Belgrade boat Cruise, Guide and a Captain follow our recommendations. 



Milla from Germany: I had that opportunity to complete my stay with sightseeing the city from a boat. With a guide that seems to know History very well. I did 2 hours and i wish i booked it for a bit longer.

Frederic from Milano: Belgrade is a Party City thats why i came. I met a girl in a club and went with her for a date. She have chosen a boat trip. I liked it alot even it was raining trough the half of a ride.

Nikolas from Greece: English speaking Guide and a funny Captain. Made jokes all the way i was laughing and drink some Rakija. Dont remember much except we ended up at some floating restaurants with a tasty fish.


What will Adventure include?


You will get to know Kalemegdan Fortress and Saborna Church. Beautiful Nebojsa Tower. The Great War Island and maybe Museum of Contemporary Arts. Funky Old Sava bridge. Confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers. Brankos Bridge and a new development of Belgrade Waterfront. You will enjoy the magic of Belgrade with Serbian traditional food and drinks.



Belgrade Boat Cruise

Belgrade Boat Cruise View


How much does Boat Ride cost in Belgrade?


You can choose a Slow Cruise with Katamaran or a fast boat for a smaller group. Dj on board with your favorite music? Done. There are multiply ways how to go trough Belgrade Rivers. There are 2 hours and half of a day trips.


Food with mostly include traditional dishes, fish and pasta. Price per person goes from 20 up to 100 euros. 

Boat tours are organised between March and October.



Private Cruise Adventure


Private Cruise has to be book in advance. You can choose from smaller to bigger rides. Posh, Standard or Alternative. Depends from your style and budget. Belgrade Boat companies charge around 50 euros per person.


In this price beside awesome experience you will get some drinks and a cool captain.


Belgrade Boat Cruise

Belgrade Private Boat Tour /


About Sava And Danube Rivers


Sava goes trough Central and Southeast Europe. Connect Balkans on a way. It flows through Slovenia, Croatia and along its border with Bosnia and Herzegovina. Finally destination is in Serbia where is connecting to Danube in our city of Belgrade.

Danube is a second longest river in Europe. It starts in Germany and goes through 10 countries. After Germany next is Austria. Then: Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova and Ukraine on its way to the Black Sea.



Hi guys John Texas here. Been on a wedding in Belgrade. I love your city. I had a blast. Belgrade boat cruise was amazing. We done a route around the city over sunset time. Was a bit hot and we were still kinda tipsy from a Night out. I have actually met my wife that afternoon. Highly recommended. Only down side were music choice by my buddy. But that has nothing to do with a experience itself.

Lara from Ukraine is in the house. In 2019 i did my master in Belgrade. We often hanged at the river side. Some of my friends booked a ride with a private charter. Food was delicious and bunch of local Rakija included. If you are in Belgrade over summer book a trip on a private tour.


When is the best time to Visit Belgrade?


Peak season starts from beginning of May and stretch out till the middle of September. Our suggestion would be to visit Belgrade in June and July. There are many Festivals in Belgrade at that Time. Summer Clubs are open and Gardens are open trough the city centre.


If you need tips or recommendations where to stay in Belgrade get in touch with us over whats app or email.


Enjoy your stay in our beautiful city.