Belgrade boys and girls, do you want to hear the best RnB in Belgrade?

If you want to hear the best RnB in Belgrade, you should visit Club 94 on riverbank Sava. Pure Cream party is ready for those who like to dance and enjoy. This is a place where you can meet a lots of famous Serbian models, singers and other celebrities. There is a lots of reasons why this is called the best RnB party in Belgrade and this is ours top recommendation for Friday party.

And for the full atmosphere, we have some suggestions about the outfit!

Belgrade girls

You love RnB and want to look like a superstars Rihanna od Beyonce? Well, you need to know some tricks! First, find the right dress, that reflect your attitude. You should look sexy, but also show that there is more. Make your hair stand out! Experiment with perms, dyes, highlights, waves and curls. Be a little crazy with the colors of your make up. Let no one forget you! Just be careful – your make up shouldn’t distract from your clothes.

Belgrade girls Belgrade girls Belgrade girls

Belgrade boys

Boys should wear an undershirt or an A-shirt, basketball or football jersey. Athletic shorts, reaching to past your knees or pants need to be loose and flexible. Jewelry and dark sunglasses are great accessories. Your hair should be well trimmed, and if you wear a hat, choose a riding cap or a baseball hat.

Belgrade boys Belgrade boys Belgrade boys