Belgrade Designers

Most of the Belgrade designers are doing such an awesome work. Young entrepreneurs that are offering fashion world one completely new look. What Belgrade Designers make the most are different clothes, shoes, beautiful dresses, jewelry. Some of the Belgrade Designers made it international. Fashion Week in Belgrade is held 2 times a year. There are quite unique peaces of art over there. Much creativity is what you will find in Belgrade FASHION. Not everyone will be your taste but make sure to give a credit for everyones work.

Where to find Local Designers?

Most of the Local designers are hanging around at the old and almost abounded Mall located in the City Center, Cumicevo Sokace design district. That mall is located in the one of the nicest spots in town, easy accessible from the most accommodations and popular restaurants in Belgrade.

Mall is located in the passage, just behind Terazije street and the facility of the Dom Omladine, just a few minutes walk from the main square. Exact address is Cumiceva Street passage. Products are unique, and prices goes from affordable to expensive. Shops are pretty small but cozy. Most of Belgrade designers that has shops there, you can meet in person, and chat about their produces or collaboration.

Showrooms and Concept stores

Beside Cumicevo Sokace district, there are plenty of local creative places where you can find bags, shoes, shirts, hats, home decor and souvenirs. There are small business in Belgrade where local people can take you around into shopping in Belgrade. If you need someone to show you around and to save your time, please get in touch with us, we will make sure that u get professional assistance. Our service is free of charge, you can whats app us any time: +38162337700

Belgrade is a city that is developing more and more each day in every sense. Belgradians are passionate for many things and one of them is definitely fashion! During the last few years number of fashion designers has increased and that trend is still on. This article is dedicated to for all of these young and creative people who are changing the way we see fashion every day and who are in charge for many Serbian’s celebrities looks!

  • Milica Opacic – She describes her style as “glam rock” with a bit of French charm in it. She owns a studio in Belgrade where all of here magic is being created. She says that she finds inspiration in simple every day things that surround her, sometimes it can even be just a material or it’s texture that gives her ideas for her clothing line. She has shown incredible talent even as a young girl, it all started from creating a formal dress. In her clothing line she combines different colors and styles, different forms and trends, with a mush-have authentic details that put accent on female shape and sexipille. Currently, she is cooperating with a fashion house Mona famous for high quality leather materials and accessories. She is also founder and main designer for the Mo Premiere brand. Her studio is based in the heart of the city, in Dorcol neighborhood.
Belgrade Designers MO
  • Darko Kostic – his first big appearance in fashion world was on first Belgrade Fashion Week, held in 1999., and ever since he has been permanent participant in this event. He has achieved great successes in Serbia, but some of his collections has became popular world wide. His studio is also located in the city centre, also in Dorcol neighborhood. His creations are unique, inspired with delicate female body, presenting a “romantic women soul” as he says, and they require hours and hours of manual work. Mostly he uses gentle pastel tones, where silver and white tones dominate. The motifs represented by his creations are floral, and dresses, blouses and skirts decorated with handmade flowers give the impression of a modern fairytale. His clothing lines  leave the impression of strength and rebellion as fashion criticisms has described it.


  • Ines Jankovic – mostly known for designing wedding dresses, selected sports equipment, leather jackets and has her own line of jewelry. Her fashion style can be described as classic but with certain additions. In her clothing lines it’s all about details that make classical look unique. Ines  participated in the Belgrade Fashion Week several times. For her clothing line, she uses silk supplied by high-tech factories mostly from Japan and Italy. All motifs and textiles are hand-designed by her.  Leather used in her designs mostly comes from Serbia and is usually in several colors like blue, green, red or black. It is used for her motorcycle leather jackets after which she is specially known for.
Belgrade Designers Ines Jankovic
  • Biljana Tipsarevic – one of the most successful Serbian designers. Her first appearance in fashion industry started with her fashion blog “My packing list” where she wrote about newest fashion trends but also gave many advises on a “must-have in your closet”. After she graduated fashion design in Belgrade in 2012. her career as a designer has started on a growing path. Ever since she made a great success in Serbia, but also in other European countries. She owns a fashion studio for last several years in the centre of Belgrade. Her style is recognizable and unique, it’s elegant, gorgeous and seductive. About her art she says: ““It’s a total exploration of viewing an evening gown in another context, but still being relatable to modern, young women.”
Belgrade Designers Biljana Tipsarevic


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