Living in Belgrade

Its not a rare thing to hear same thing again and again: „ You are not going to live anywhere like in Belgrade, but if you have enough money”. The average salary in Belgrade is pretty much low, comparing to the standard salary in the EU. BUT, quality of life is way more affordable, living costs are affordable and its is way less expensive then in other EU capitals. So when it comes to the expenses, for a foreigner’s life in Belgrade is pretty much heaven.

Why do they say that Belgrade is the heaven for EXPATS ?

Belgrade is an alive city, city that never sleeps. People of Belgrade are very warm and friendly people.

Just because its Monday or Wednesday, or any other working day, it doesn’t mean that the streets are going to be empty, its always full of people, day or night, there is always something happening.

If you want to go out, you don’t need to wait until weekend, there are parties every night, that’s why Lonely Planet named Belgrade the capital of nightlife in Europe.

Interesting facts about Belgrade:

  • Belgrade is one of the oldest European cities, with very long and complicated history, City that exists for about 7000 years
  • Lays between two rivers, Sava and Danube
  • Surface – 360km2 , population : about 1.500.000 million people
  • Official language is Serbian
  • Official valute is Serbian dinar (RSD)
  • Belgrade does not have metro

Social life in the different areas of the City

Knez Mihailova street – the main pedestrian street, crowded with people, restaurants, all kind of shops, at the end of the street is Kalemegdan fortress which is always nice to see. Kalemegdan Fortress has a great story behind it, and it has amazing view of the city.

Skadarlija street – The famous bohemian part of the city, one of the oldest streets in Belgrade, with great restaurants, where you can try the most delicious Serbian food and specialties.

Cetinjska street – This is the street where you can find the most different events at one place, from culture/art events to clubs with alternative music, you can drink wine and listen to jazz, or you can take beer and listen to rock music.

Savamala and Beton Hall are next to each other, walking distance in a 5 minutes or so.  Promenade, restaurants, bars, popular Belgrade clubs, one next to another, the thing that makes this place even more popular is that it is next to the river, during the day you can have recreation or coffee with a beautiful view, and during the night it becomes epicenter of nightlife in Belgrade.


Belgrade is at 31st place on the list of 162 countries when it comes to safety, which means you good.

The tip is to be aware of pickpockets in the main streets, (very rare, but it can happen) and to watch out your bag all the time, not to leave your wallet, mobile phone, or anything expensive visible to others.

Food and Drinks

Local people are loving the tradition of drinking coffee and they see it as one of a daily ritual that relax them, before or after work, sometimes the both, so you are not going to have problem to find a good coffee, for take away or to sit at some cafe. When it comes to alcohol, Serbian domestic drink is Rakia, very popular drink, among Serbs and foreigners alike.

Serbian traditional kitchen is very tasty, try Pljeskavica, Cevapi, Ajvar, Kajmak or Proja. The good thing is that there is a lot of attention paid on vegetarians, so you can find in almost every Belgrade restaurant special part on the menu only for you guys that do not like to eat meat.


Belgrade is the main telecommunication hub of Serbia, connected to all world telecommunication centers. The telecommunications area is entirely under the authority of the republic authorities. There are three mobile telephony networks and a number of Internet providers in Belgrade.

If your work depends from internet, you can be completely sure that Wi-Fi is a must in almost every cafe or a restaurant ,the connection is very good,  and its free.

Tipping in Belgrade

Its completely normal to leave a tip, whether in a coffee shop, at hairdresser, at taxi, hotel, etc.

Tips are not considered as something offensive, but a way to show gratitude with provided service.


Belgrade does not have metro, you can use public transport (buses, trolleybus, tram).

There is a BusPlus app, giving you the information such as for how many minutes your transport is coming, how far it is, map of routes, station streets, night buses..


The transport is well organized, but don’t be surprised when you see a really crowded bus, or very old vehicle, that is completely normal over in Belgrade. The traffic is the worst from 4-6 p.m, it would be perfect to avoid it in that time frame.

You can use taxi or CarGo app, similar to Uber(there is no Uber in Serbia).

Serbs are paying attention a lot on social life, food and drinks, one word, they are hedonists and far away from work-home way of life, and that is why almost all the tourist love about this town, comparing to some European cities where mostly only on weekends you can socialize.

Co-work places In Belgrade

You can work from any place out there. There are small cozy places, restaurants and huge cafe / restaurants where u can plug in your lap top and enjoy in a good working environment.  One of the most famous places co working caffe restaurants is called Kafeterija in Kralja Petra street. Google out this place, and go up on the second floor. You will see as soon as you get there why we recommended this place. Coffee at this place is super good! Food menu is average. There is a place for kids on the third floor. So while working your kids will be in the good hands.


There are plenty Co-working places in Belgrade, with super cool locals and foreigners working from over there. We already wrote about it, and you can find all about Co-working places in Belgrade by clicking on the link.