Belgrade Fast food

Belgrade Fast Food

Belgrade is definitley a city that isn’t short of food possibilities. Whether you are after something fast, light or even a traditional meal, there are plenty of eateries, fast food joints, bakeries and bar restaurants, you will never be left hungry.

Street food has always had a huge presence here just a couple of options that the locals love.


If you are after a traditional Serbian fast food option and are an avid meat lover (vegetarians please avoid) a pljeskavice is the way to go. One of the most popular kiosks is Loki, located in the old part of the city center in Dorcol. Loki not only serves pjleskavice but has kebabs, and delicious chicken burgers filledd with ham and cheese. The joint may look a bit run down but don’t let this faze you, all the locals flock to this place. If you are asking where to eat after a night out this place is your go to.





Bucko, an Italian fast food pizzeria with a Serbian twist. If you are looking to eat at one of the best local favorites, Bucko is for you. Traditional capricosa slices with fresh produce topped with your choice of Serbian salads, Ruska, Tuna niciose, creamy lamb and chicken so many choices. It is one of a kind in the city center located on Francuska street, and just a window on the street, look for where the line up is.Eat away.



Bucko – Belgrade