Belgrade for lovers

Belgrade is a beautiful city, special and unique, one of the oldest in Europe. “The Balkan jewel” as some might say, or in literal translation “The white town”, located on the confluence of two big European rivers – Danube and Sava, in South-Eastern Europe. It’s glorious and romantic, Belgrade is made for lovers. If you’re thinking of traveling abroad with your loved one, Belgrade might be just a perfect place for you! Take your partners hand, and prepare for an amazing romantic adventure in this lovely city!

Belgrade for lovers Danube

One of the first things you’ll see in Belgrade is probably the main street – Knez Mihailova. This is the main pedestrian and shopping area and also one of the oldest parts in the city. It represents also one of the most valuable landmarks of the city which is why it is protected by the law. Most of the buildings were built during the late 1970s. This street is a common meet place for Belgradians. Thousands of people stroll along the street each day as it is the shortest path from Terazije to Kalemegdan fortress and park. Besides many tourist and locals, you’ll see a lot of street artists representing their art to the world right in the street. All that buzz will show you and your partner the true spirit of Belgrade. Many restaurants and coffee places are located right there, in the heart of the city, so you can enjoy Knez Mihailova street’s beauty from a cozy sofa.

Belgrade for lovers knez

Once you’re in Belgrade, and especially for a romantic trip with your partner, make sure to check out Crna Ovca (Black Sheep) ice cream. It has become very popular among both tourists and locals in last few years for their effort and hard work when it comes to finding new special tastes. They don’t have limits nor boundaries when it comes to making new combinations. Tastes that are most popular are next: Sesame coffee with chocolate coffee beans, this one is special and currently most wanted, make sure to try Milky pear with walnut cookies and Ricotta cheese with honeycomb, which is made of sugar and honey that are being cooked until they turn into caramel. These are only some of our favorites!

Belgrade for lovers crna ovca

Probably one of the most romantic places is Kalemegdan park and fortress. As already written, it is located in the heart of the city, right next to Knez Mihailova Street. It is an urban area of modern Belgrade, located right at confluence of Danube and Sava, which makes it a perfect sunset point of view and definitely a very romantic one. Kalemegdan is the most visited tourist spot in Belgrade. It was declared a Monument of Culture of Exceptional importance in 1979, so it is also protected by the law. This is a place to enjoy the view to the whole city, a place to take a long walk holding a hand of your lover, or just enjoy the coffee in some of its few restaurants or coffee places.

Second most visited tourist attraction in Belgrade is Skadarska Street – commonly known as Skadarlija. This is a bohemian quarter of the city, which makes it very romantic, too. It’s a vintage street that partially preserved the spirit of old times. It’s short and curved street, very beautiful and remarkable with many well known restaurants, art galleries, hotels, bars and antique and souvenir shops. Restaurants here offer Serbian traditional cousin, so here you can try our dishes as “rostilj” or “ajvar” and “prebranac”. This part of the city usually attracts young couples and families with children, especially because it is a car free zone, since the street is very narrow and cobblestoned. Unlike other popular places it is not considered posh.


Last, but not least, Belgrade is called a “city that never sleeps”. If you’re wondering why, you should make sure to check out our nightlife. Here, in Belgrade, parties are wild and crazy, they are held each day, from the beginning till the end of a week. Variety of places to party is huge. From kafanas with Serbian music to mainstream clubs with electro or rnb music.