Belgrade gay guide

Visiting our beautiful city? Get to know Belgrade Gay Guide. There are a few places in Belgrade exclusively designed for LGBT crowed, in every single one of them (on the list bellow) straight people are welcome to. Among those places there are few that are Gay Friendly.

We decided to write this article, so that you girls and guys will enjoy Belgrade to the fullest. Here is the Belgrade gay guide:


Kafe Supa

Šupa on English ‘Shed’ is a cute cafe in the downtown of Belgrade. Legend says that it got a name because owner of the place liked to hang in a Shed when he was a kido. Its a Gay, Vegan and pet friendly place. Great place to teem up with locals and Expats. No place for parking around. Our tip would be to Take a walk or use a taxi.


Belgrade gay Bars

Šupa / Belgrade Gay Friendly Cafe



Cafe Meduza

Small cozy place located in famous Dorcol area. Just few minutes walk from Kalemegdan Park and Knez Mihailova street. Cute interior, good vibes and friendly staff. Meduza is exceptional place to socialise. During the day you will see hips of Locals and Tourists working from their Lap Tops.
Belgrade Gay Bars

Meduza / Belgrade Gay Friendly Bar





Looking for fun and dance? This is the place for you then. They say that they are first Belgrade straight-friendly place. Hehehe. This place is a Splav actually. Yap, famous floating boat club located on the river Sava. This place host parties every weekend. Music depends of promoters that host an events. Check them out.


Belgrade Gay Clubs

Mercury / Belgrade Gay Club





Smiley BAR


Small LGBT cafe bar in Belgrade. Smiley Bar is a coffee place during the day and cocktail place in the after work hours. It gets busy all week long.


Club Musk

Club Musk is the Downtown located LGBT Club. On the Nightlife market since 2014 and working well since the day 1. Mostly younger crowed hang over there. Special events on weekends and karaoke nights on Wednesdays.



Club Pleasure

This club is among the oldest Gay clubs in Belgrade. Music choice is quite interesting. Pop and house till 3 am. After 3 Dj spin Serbian turbo folk music.



XL bar


Belgrade Gay Guide. During the day XL bar is more than just a pleasant bar for a coffee lovers – it is also a place to relax or recharge your energy, place for a business meeting,  or a quick espresso break. When the night falls down, XL bar goes under complete transformation, and turns into a real nightclub and a place for a great night outs! Check them out.


Cafe Smiley

It is a small but cozy coffee shop settled in the heart of the city. With a modern interior in black and green tones it spreads on two levels, a ground floor and a gallery. During the weekends this lovely cafe turns into an awesome small Gay discotheque in Belgrade.



Club Oz Nation

Great club which is working only on weekends! Theme parties are on the menu on working nights, which is A only gay club with this type of the events.





Is There a Gay Neighbourhoods in Belgrade Serbia?


Looking for a Gay Neighbourhood in Belgrade Serbia? Nope, there is none.


Did you know?

  • In 2017, Ana Brnbic became Serbia’s first openly gay Prime Minister, and in 2017 she was the first Serbian Prime Minister to march in a Pride Parade.
  • About 46 percent of those in same-sex relationships have college degrees. This may not sound particularly surprising until you consider that the number for heterosexual couples is close to 30 percent.
  • In 1950 first gay organization was established and that is the Oldest LGBT Rights Organization in the world.
  • Recent studies are showing clearly that a biological component is necessary to be gay.
  • Gay people tend to be left-handed much more often than heterosexuals.
  • In 1860, writer Walt Whitman published the homoerotic book “Leaves of Grass”, which is still inspiration for gay poets.
  • In the 1969, Time magazine’s “The Homosexual in America” was the first cover story about gay rights in a national magazine.
  • Polari – name of a slang language entire made up by homosexual men in the  1900’s,  London,  so they could communicate in public without fear of being arrested.
  • Dracula wasn’t a first novel about vampires! Carmilla, a story of a lesbian vampire that preyed on young women, was written 25 years before Dracula.
  • Gay marriage is still not legal in Serbia.
  • The first openly gay doll, Gay Bob, was launched in 1977. He had a pierced ear and his box was shaped like a closet.
  • In Egypt 1503 BC, Hatshepsut became the second woman to rule and chose to take the title of the king. She was wearing male clothing and wore a false beard.
  • The word ‘homosexual’ (1869) is older than the word ‘heterosexual’ (1892).

Check the list of the popular Belgrade clubs.


First Pride Parade in Belgrade

First successful  Pride Parade was organized on 10th of October 2010., at 10 o’clock, and start point was park Manjez in Belgrade. There were more than 1,000 participants of  Parade. The meeting was opened by the Head of the EU delegation, Vincent Degert. Participant of the first Belgrade Pride Parade were also Minister for Human and Minority Rights Svetozar Ciplic, Head of Delegation of the OSCE Ambassador Dimitrios Kupreos and the Council of Europe in Serbia Konstantinos Jerokostopulos. The event was attended by many well known people from political and public life in Serbia.

Pride parade Belgrade gay clubs

Pride Parade

Click here to find out about some popular Belgrade bars where to  go for the pre-party. Hope that this small Belgrade Gay Guide helped you a bit. Have alot of fun in Belgrade!