What is the name of the city where most beautiful girls live?

Small country with vibrant history in the south Eastern Europe, Serbia, become famous for it most beautiful girls in the world.

Some Belgrade girl’s facts:

Belgrade Girls naturally looks amazing, mix of the east and the west gens goes far back in the history of Serbia.

Belgrade girls 5



Belgrade girls pay a lot of attention to their physical look. It is usual that every girl visit at least few times a week beauty saloon, where they get nails done, massage, arranging hairstyle or using tanning beds.

Belgrade summer girls



Almost every girl is already professional make up artist, like you will hardly find in western countries that girls know how to do make up for herself, that is must know for Belgrade girls.

Serbian girls 2


Belgrade girls, loves to look sexy. They are dressed to impress. Shopping is common thing that every girl does in Belgrade. They make shopping decisions regarding how to show off their bodys.


Healty food life style, Every day working out, newest fitness programs, groop or personal trainings. Riding bikes, roler blards, runing or just walking around “ Belgrade See” Ada Ciganlija Lake.

Belgrade girls 1


Visiting plastic surgery, for doing silicons implants become very popular and common thing.

belgrade tattoo girl


Almost all money that Belgrade Girls make, or get from their parents, they spend on how to look beautiful.

Serbian girls 4

Belgrade girls are not easy for one night stand. Belgrade girls are more type for relationship status, looking perfect mach for themselfs.

So if you are free guy looking for perfect life match, consider Belgrade place to Visit.