Belgrade Girls

Small country with vibrant history in the south Eastern Europe, Serbia, become famous for it most beautiful girls in the world. Belgrade Girls naturally looks amazing, mix of the east and the west gens goes far back in the history of Serbia.


Belgrade girls 5




Huge attention to their physical look


Belgrade girls do pay a lot of attention to their physical look. It is usual that Belgrade girls visits beauty saloon few times a week, where they get nails done, massage, arranging hairstyle or using tanning beds. Almost every girl is already professional make up artist. You will hardly find in western countries that girl know how to do make up for herself. That is the must know for Belgrade girls. And thats only the start..


Belgrade Girls


Belgrade girls loves to look sexy. They are dressed to impress and seduce. Shopping is common thing that every girl does in Belgrade. Most likely they will make shopping decisions regarding how to show off their body’s.

Healthy food and life style. Work out every day. Fitness group or personal trainings. Riding bikes, running or just walking around Belgrade Streets.


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Public is divided when it comes to a plastic implants. Some people find it sexy to get some small corrections on our bodies while others find it grouse. Most of the girls find it OK to do Brest and Lips corrections.

Luckily there is only a small number of girls that went into extreme, and ridiculously changed their body look. They added so much plastic that they look more as aliens then humans. As we said luckily that is not popular, and just few choose to play that game.


Relationship wanted 


Belgrade girls are not easy and they are not looking for one-night stands. Belgrade girls are more type of a relationship looking perfect match for themselves.

So if you are free guy looking for a perfect life match you could consider Belgrade as the place.


Not everyone like to party

Belgrade the capital of fun! BUT! There are Girls that you will never see in Belgrade Night Clubs. They just do not like to go out and socialise in the 3 shift. Many girls prefer day game, having coffees with their friends during the day and walk at the famous pedestrian street Knez Mihailova. Some of a Belgrade girls love to get together and to hang around with their homies at the public parks.


Belgrade Girls


Tips how to socialise

Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to make a move and approach to Belgrade Girls. Be confident and polite, introduce your self and try to get in touch on social media. Maybe u will be lucky and get invited for a coffee or night out. If that is not happening, try to make a first move yourself. Coffee at Knez Mihailova street or going out to some of the popular Belgrade clubs can be a good start. If u get to know girl that does not like to party or does not like mainstream style of Belgrade, invite them to Dorcol Platz or Kc Grad. If you are not a mainstream person then Google those two places. For sure you will find them interesting. Fun times over there are guaranteed.


Where does Belgrade Girls Hang Around



This tips worth gold. Beside knowing a location you will have to know how to dress to impress. How to make a polite approach.


Belgrade Girls


It highly usual that you will find Belgrade girls in popular Belgrade Restaurants in Beton Hall area. Other places would be at Belgrade Waterfront at popular Bars.

This tips worth a lot! Don’t they? Hehehehe. We are glad to share some info with ya guys and girls. You can find girls everywhere, but, the biggest focus would be on this few places:

  • Knez Mihailova street
  • Belgrade Clubs
  • Ada Ciganlia ( Belgrade Lake )
  • Belgrade Beton Hall
  • Usce and Delta Shopping Malls


Belgrade Girls

Hot summer day somewhere in Belgrade Downtown


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