Belgrade hen parties

Belgrade Hen Party


Belgrade hen parties! Open Air river clubs, Old Fortress Venus, Abandoned Factory that got in the hands of various artists, Posh area made from Concrete and Belgrade Sea are some of the areas that you will discover while touring around Belgrade. Try wake boarding, Sup on Ada, Local coffee, Crna Ovca Ice cream or Bicycle from 25 Maj Area all over Ada and back. Those are some the cool things that you can do over the day time while in Belgrade.


Belgrade Bachelorette Party


Wow, Belgrade was an amazing choice. This is what you have been probably heard about Parting In Belgrade.

Girls you will have big time FUN in Belgrade. Belgrade hen parties are EPIC. If you are into soft party and lounging, we suggest you pre party area – Beton Hall. If you are down for discovering Open Air River clubs and to party hard, then make sure to get in touch with us on time. We will get your name on a gust list and get you In the heart of Belgrade Clubbing. Bachelorette Party in Belgrade with us, is highly recommended by many groups on Trip Advisor.

Belgrade hen parties


Treat as Princesses


Girls, with us you will be treat as princesses. You will get easy entry to the best Belgrade Clubs, best tables, and all of this will be done quickly and free of charge. Yes, free of charge, we do not charge for our service. Do you need Costume made Cake or ideas where to do shopping or how to spend weekend in Belgrade? We got ya covered. Whats app us any time: +38162337700


Dress Funky 


Dress code for your night out is strictly your choice. You can be all in white or all in black or having masks, or you can go even more in extreme and dress in silly costumes or do some nice make up art. Before you show up in a front of a club, make sure to be on time and to make prior reservation. Don’t forget to rest well before going out. Bring good vibes and smile on your faces.


Belgrade Hen Party 1

Belgrade hen parties and how they look like


Belgrade hen parties are wild parties just like in the rest of the world. Belgrade hen parties can be house parties or club parties. Or started at house, and then continued in the clubs. That night the girls just go wild like they’ve never done before. Will the future wife make some wrong things that night? I think not. Or we just don’t know about it.


Belgrade Hen Party 1

Belgrade hen parties and why is that interesting for strangers

But, why Belgrade? Belgrade is well-known as the great party location. Belgrade clubs are well-known in Europe and parties sometimes last for a few days. Also, it has good organisations of hen parties and, as I’ve said it before, it’s cheap for foreign tourists.
So, come to Belgrade and feel like princess or movie star. Good times are ahead Belgrade has it all! Get in touch with us.


History of Hen Parties


How did it all started? Why people celebrate the last day of freedom? Why people give away their freedom? Is freedom more important then being sometimes lonely? Sex revolution? Hen party is a phenomenon indeed!

Lets go back to the 1620. The word ‘hen’ was first used as slang for women. A hen party was frequently used in the United States as a general term for female gatherings.  The roots of the pre wedding hen party tradition in the UK is more of a recent phenomenon. It begun in the 1970s as an expression of sexual freedom. It is connected of the sexual revolution in the 1960s.