Belgrade Markets

       Belgrade Markets 

People who come to Serbia once, tend to come back again. Food is gooooood, people are friendly and Nightlife is Epic. Belgrade is a city that never sleeps, city famous after parties that last until dawn. Lying on the confluence on two big rivers, Danube and Sava, modern and fast but still with rich culture and tradition. It’s a city that really has it all. Besides clubbing, Belgrade is famous for its dishes. Make sure to try traditional Serbian Food in some of our popular restaurants. Check out Beton Hala, it’s a part of the city, lying on a river with a lot of restaurants, bars and clubs, or Skadarska street, known as “Skadarlija”, the bohemian part of the city, where you’ll find traditional Serbian meals served in old fashioned way. If you’d like to roll up your sleeves and prepare lunch or dinner yourself while visiting, we’ve decided to help you uncover some of the best markets to shop directly from farmers but also re-sellers. What you might find interesting is that all of our groceries, or almost all are organic, produced in Serbian villages by locals. And you’ll find that our prices are much lower than in most European cities. Economical for your pocket and might be also fun to try to make Serbian traditional dishes.

The Serbian word for market is ‘Pijaca’, so grab you ‘Ceger’ (bag or basket) and make your way across to one of these! Meet locals, and feel the spirit of Belgrade and its people.

Zeleni Venac is in the city centre, convenient to get to and easy to navigate around. When talking about green markets in Belgrade, Zeleni Venac is one is the first association to most people. Zeleni Venac is the beautofoul and well organized food market. Plenty of public transport will give you ride over there, or if u staying in the down town you can just take a walk. Within walking distance to the Republic Square and location in the heart of the city this amazing market become the favorite spot both for locals and tourists.

Kalenic market, located in Vracar is pretty impressive. It is Belgrade’s biggest open-air market where you can get anything from grilled lobster to Kajmak (traditional Serbian creamy dairy product). Besides being one of the most popular green markets, it’s also one of the oldest markets as well. It was build in 1926, And “selling spots” (location in the market itself) are being given away from father to the soon for generations.

Among the Few is the Bajloni Market located close by to the Skadarska Street, known as “Skadarlija”, the Bohemian Quarter where you can feel the spirit of the old times, with a glass of a wine and sound of Tamburitza. When u go to shop groceries at Bajloni Pijaca keep in mind that there are couple of great cafes close by where you can stop for an early morning espresso! Take your walking shoes on, and enjoy your walk.

Some simple traditional dishes you might like to make include Proja (dish made of flavor and cheese), Gibanica (it’s a kind of pie prepared in several ways)  and Prebranac (dish with beans and sometimes meat).

Green markets in Belgrade are places where you will see true Serbian hospitality. You’ll meet the locals and people who come from different parts of Serbia to sell their products. Variety of fruit and vegetables is huge, most of it is organic and produced in Serbia. You will also find other groceries as unique choices of mushrooms and different kinds of cheese and other dairy products. As we already wrote, prices are approachable and lower than pretty much anywhere in the Europe. Most of the groceries are less than euro per kilogram. You can check for price lists online and even compare the prices between different green markets. The difference is in 0,10 euros, more or less.







Bajlonija Pijaca