Belgrade splav Hot Mess: Wanna get crazy with us?

Are you ready for the best Monday RnB party? Belgrade splav Hot Mess brings you DJ Crazy – you know what to expect! Amazing rhythm and great people will make an unforgetable atmosphere. Hot night will became even hotter!


What to drink?

It’s gonna be wild and hot, so you need to get some good drink! Here are some prices. If you love cocktails, you should prepare for 350 rsd till 650 rsd, depends do you want shooter or long cocktail. If you like beer, there is Amstel (350), Heineken (380) or Sol (460). If you like to drink hard, like party hard, you can choose whisky, cognac, tequila, rum, vodka, gin, from 340 to 750 rsd. Also, you must try rakija – Serbian brandy. Dunja (quince), Viljamovka (pear) or Medovača (honey) for 340 rsd. If you prefer wine, there are red, white, rose, sparkling wine and champagne. Prices are from 450 rsd to 720 rsd, per glass.

Belgrade splav